Saturday, August 6, 2011

NEW! Run For Your Life Skirt, Modern Racer Colors, and Photos of the Latest

New Run For Your Life Skirt in Snowy Owl Print. I don't have a rear photo of this yet.

This is a new Modern Racer. I'm not sure of the color.

Photo of the new Rocksteady Scuba and what looks like a Heathered Dewberry Modern Racer.

The Ghost Power Y - I've got to see how this color compares to white in the store - the the eye-catching sunburst Groove pant. This combo is so cute together.

 Another eye-catching sunburst Groove waistband.

The Ghost Power Y paired with the new Method Pant in Heathered Black.

Black Stripes Galore Power Y. I wore my new Black Stripes Galore headband with an all-black outfit the other day. I really like the look of the pattern, especially played off against black. I'm going to have to try this tank on at the store.

New Coal with Rocksteady/Coal Space Dye Groove Shorts.

Close up shot of the Rocksteady Gradient Wee Stripe Scuba.

I like the combo of the Magnum Silver Bullet tank and the Snowy Owl shorts.

Some photos of the new OM scarf.


Anonymous said...

Man, I looooooove the look of that skirt!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Now that I see the method pant on someone, I see that it really might aid with alignment and turn out for dance. That's kind of cool. The length looks good for dance, too, although I am quite short, so that is usually a moot point for me.

Anonymous said...

I really like the ghost snowy owl with the gray trip like on those speed shorts...

RunMama said...

I found the ghost power y looked like a dingy white. Maybe it would look more polished if I tried it on.

Anonymous said...

^^I mean trim, not trip!