Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Rocksteady Stripes Galore and Photos of the Latest (Run For Your Life Pullover, Modal and More)

Soooo, check it out - a new color/pattern - Rocksteady Stripes Galore. It's the bottom band in these Biker Groove Shorts. (Click on the photo to enlarge). The other color is Heathered Rocksteady. I wonder if there will be a Power Y or other tanks in Rocksteady Stripes Galore. I could totally be into that.

A photo of the new Defines in Royalty Space Dye and Magnum Space Dye with Wren. Here are the web photos of the Magnum SD one:

This girl makes me want to get a Run For Your Life Pullover. She wears it really well.

This photo (of the same girl!) makes me want to get the Heathered Wren Modern Racer. I need to see this color in person because it's gorgeous here.

Relaxed Fit pant in Modal. I'm going to have to try these on. I hear they are super soft but I don't think they will look very good on me.

A black/ghost vest SE Scuba.

The black Run For Your Life Pullover

Web photo of the Heathered Dewberry Vinyasa Scarf


Anonymous said...

Any idea if we might see more in raspberry? I know there was a speed skirt and silver bullet LS. Anyone know or have thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I just saw on the lulu website that there's a skinny satin headband in clear sky. LLA is this a new color??? It looks kinda like haze to me. I wonder if they will be releasing it in tanks etc. It seems weird to me because usually it's the other way around, usually lulu release new apparel colors and then headband colors follow.

Michelle Q said...

I tried on the RFYL pullovers in store yesterday and they are really nice, but not as cozy as running luon or brushed luxtreme pullovers. The chest part was very flattering on me, but the tummy part, not so much. It showed every lump and bump. The magnum is so pretty IRL - I preferred it over the royalty. My store also had black, but no dewberry. I also tried the heathered wren and heathered dewberry MR tanks and they didn't really float my boat. IMO, they looked like tanks I would sleep in - the heathered colorways just looked blah on me in vitasea. I much prefer heathered in luon or luxtreme.

LuluAddict said...

@ Michelle Q - I agree about heathered MRBs looking like pajamas. I am hoping a heathered Wren CRB comes out.

@ anon 1:23 am - Clear Sky was used as an accent color in the Rocksteady Wrap tank. A lot of times a headband or hair ties will come out in a new color in advance of a piece of clothing so they are good bell-weathers of what is to come.

Anonymous said...

I loved the way the Heathered Wren MRB and Cargo Pants looked on the red-haired girl in your photo so I bought them both (as well as the Right as Rain Coat). I like the relaxed, casual look of the MRBs - I think they look kind of chic especially when paired with a few choice pieces of jewelry like the long necklace the girl is wearing. Thanks once again for the inspiration LLA!

Anonymous said...

I, too, bought the outfit shown on the red-haired girl. I love the way it looks, very casual but very stylish. Thanks LLA for posting; might not have put it together otherwise!