Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Royalty Cabin Longsleeve and More

New Cabin Longsleeve in Royalty/Heathered Gray. I have a Cabin Longsleeve in black that I love but it's starting to pill between the layers so I'm not going to get another one. I expect better for $68.

Weightless Split Shorts in Surge and Dewberry. I'm reading lots of good things about them. It looks like the price has been lowered to $54.  Drats! It looks like the price is back up to $68 now. That's the price on the website and people have said that's what they are ringing up in the stores in spite of the $68 price tag. I don't know if the store pricing has been fixed but I'd bet it has. Sorry, everyone.

Close up photo of the Dewberry Wee Stripe Scuba. The zipper pull is super cute.

The product alert photo for the Royalty Space Dye Power Y.

Another photo of the Run For Your Life Pullover in Royalty.

I like this outfit. The feather detail at the bottom of the crops plays off the Feather print CRB.

The Dewberry Stride is super pretty.


Anonymous said...

I've been fighting the urge to buy that Dewberry Stride all day... I'm not fighting it anymore ;)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know which pants are those in the picture of the woman with the royalty cabin long sleeve?

Mel said...

Anon 707am : Looks like the Dance Studio Pants.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm alone in my opinion, but royalty (esp here on the Cabin LS) is such a DULL, WINTERY color. I don't understand.

Lynn said...

Just bit the bullet and spent $127.15 total online for this Dew Berry Stride... thought I "needed" some color... :)