Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Dewberry Wee Stripe Scuba and More

A couple of photos of the Heathered Dewberry Define Jacket. It doesn't look like there is a ton of new stuff showing up this week so far. I'm hoping there will be some surprises in this week's upload. I did read new colors are supposed to appear in August.

I have to apologize for being way behind in responding to blog comments and, most especially, email. Rest assured it's not you, it's me. I don't have a set schedule for the summer so we are in and out of the house a lot. I have to make some time to sit down and tackle it all so please forgive me.

It's interesting how different the Dewberry Wee Stripe Scuba looks far away and close up.

The Royalty Stride shown with the Royalty CRB underneath.

The triple waistband Grooves shown with the coordinating Define Jacket and Heathered Royalty CRB. It's kind of rare to see the triple Grooves modeled on a person.

I got a new toy in the mail today. It's a Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor. I first got a very basic Polar F4 heart rate monitor when I started taking spin classes and felt like my heart was beating in my throat during the heavy climbs. I was afraid I was going to give myself a heart attack. I also was curious to know how many calories I was burning. I soon got hooked on knowing all my data and now this is heart rate monitor #3 for me, although it's my first girly pink one. The FT60 has a training program and my husband has used his for the past six month to help him shed 75+ pounds and improved his fitness from poor to elite. He recently completed the couch to 5K training is now talking about doing the LA Marathon next year. Although I go to the gym a fair amount, I don't think I've been exercising in the right zones to improve my overall fitness so I'm hoping getting the training heart rate monitor will set me on the right path. It's kind of cute, it gives you a trophy at the end of the week when you complete the required number of minutes in the various zones.


Anonymous said...

I have that watch too. It can really help you see where you need to work. I realized I was working out too hard. My heart rate was always in zone 3 which is not burning fat. I still struggle to do my alloted time in zone 2. Good luck with achieving a trophy. I got mine for Christmas and got my first trophy this week! You don't get a trophy if you go over your goals. It is truly a great tool to have!

Anonymous said...

Lulu uploaded the manifesto white. UGH. I really wanted the dip dye when it came out but my store sold out in a day. I'm kind of ticked that the dipdye never made it online.

Jellybean said...

Very cool. I am a runner that does spinning as well and I have been debating whether I should bring my heart rate monitor to class. Looks like I am going to give it a go this week! Let us know how it goes for you.

Anonymous said...

How much was that bad boy? (the watch, I mean)

Anonymous said...

polar is awesome! i have the same watch in white. no lie--the strap does NOT get dirty. i even ran the Warrior Dash (3 mi of mud) with it on and washed up pearly white! i have a great rep, "Polar" Bob, who works out of MA but he is one of Polar's top guys so he makes trips all over the country. i can PM you his contact info, if you want/need it.
re: lulu...blah. tired colors. tired styles. granted, it's cheaper NOT to "reinvent the wheel" but, man, you think they'd at least change the hubcaps!

Sarah said...

Oh you will love the Polar FT60!! I have an FT80 and it has the same (I think) training program and it really did help to increase my level of fitness. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Watch looks awesome, I'm looking into it...have stalled lately, this might be just what I need to get me back on track!! Agree completely with @Anon 4:53 about the ls manifesto. They blew that one big time. @Anon 7:18: LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

I love my HRM, but it's not a Polar... I'm waiting for the one that I have (my first) to stop working so I can justify upgrading to a Polar to my husband. I've been wanting one for years!! I hope you love it!!

strawb3rries said...

I have that exact watch! It's adorable:) I also do a lot of outdoor running and i bought the seprate GPS unit as well (which is obnoxious. next time i am buying a garmin). Don't change the battery yourself! I did it and i broke the sound chip so now it no longer beeps at me.

Also, i stopped using it because i hated running with the chest strap. no mater how tight i wore it. it always slid around and needed to be adjusted. And it chaffed me :(

I even was constantly adjusting it for spin. But i wore it for nearly a whole year and it definitely educated me about how to train a little smarter :) Good luck!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:13 am - I do a lot of my workouts in Zone 3, too. I think that has held me back from improving my fitness. I feel I haven't worked out hard enough if I'm not in Zone 3. It will be interesting to chart the improvement.

@anon 7:18 am - My husband got it from Amazon. It is $149.99.

@ Jellybean - I think teachers push people a bit too hard sometimes in class. One time one of my spin teachers came over to me and checked the bike display and chastised me because my RPM wasn't where she wanted it to be. I was like my heart rate is 165 and I'm 46 years old, don't you think that is working hard enough? She was like, don't pay attention to your heart rate. O-kay..... I then resorted to telling her my ITB was bothering me to get her to get off my back. Lady, it's my workout. It's not like I was dogging it that much. The RPM was probably around 100 with a decent amount of resistance which I hear is the max the spin training recommends. I have old knees.

@ strawb3rries - Polar makes a bra you snap the sensor into but if it isn't supportive enough, it's not going to work for you. A few years ago Lululemon made a bra (or was it a tank?) that you can snap a Polar into but those rarely come up for sale on ebay. My husband has a GPS and a GPS with a heart rate monitor. He said the GPS picks ups his heart rate much easier than the Polar strap does.

Jellybean said...

Luluaddict- My next class is on Friday so I will see how it goes. My teacher is really aggressive as well, half the time she tells us to turn the dial to increase the resistance and I don't. I do think I work it too hard, hopefully the monitor will help.