Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Newest Headbands

I am thinking this is a Raspberry and Dewberry Space Dye headband.

Another photo of the Dewberry Space Dye headband. Shown with a black wee stripe headband. I think I have to get that one. Hmmm, my son needs some new sneakers so I do have an excuse to go shopping tomorrow. He won't mind being dragged to Lulu, too much. ;-)

A Surge Wee Stripe Dance Headband.


Michelle Q said...

SCP has both the dewberry and the black wee stripe headbands! I bought the black wee stripe to match my power Y, and while it matches, the tag on the headband reads color code of "CSW". The power Y reads "BWS", so what's up with that?

The dewberry is really pretty, but I've tried and tried with colored headbands and they just don't work on me. All my headbands and headwraps are different shades of black and gray.

LuluAddict said...

Interesting. So maybe the headband is the Coal Wee Stripe like in the In Stride Jacket? Or, is it just mislabled?

Erin Marie said...

Omg I need that dance headband with raspberry/space dye - so amazing. I'm amassing quite the headband collection.