Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NEW! Take Flight Skirt

New Take Flight Skirt in Dewberry. (Thanks to Ms. X!) She says that it has a generous fit, similar to the Energy skirt. It also comes in Black, Surge, and Coal.

I also read there is going to be a Deep Breath tank in the new Royalty color. It's also coming in Dewberry. There is also a Scoop Neck tank in Royalty Space Dye hitting the stores, too. There is also a grayish space dye coming in the Scoop Neck - Magnum Space Dye/Ghost.

Royalty Space Dye Scoop Neck - just hitting stores now

New Magnum Space Dye/Ghost Scoop Neck


mache69 said...

When can I get one? And where? Website or store?

LuluAddict said...

These photos are from a store in Utah so they are just hitting stores now. Not sure if they will be uploaded to the web this week.

Michelle Q said...

Oh, I have great hopes for this take flight skirt! The resolution and pacesetters (even the willpower) skirts were too ruffley for me - maybe the take flight will work! I love the luxtreme liners.

BTW, LA - I was pre-saleing today for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and I ended up with a pair of the Under Armor capris - they are a great length (just below the knee) and the compression is good - dare I say I like them more than my beloved run:inspire crops? Anyway, for $29, I decided to give them a whirl for spin - they definitely feel cooler than my lulu crops that are getting a bit too warm for summer.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping beyond hope for a power dance tank in royalty/royalty space dye! So cute!

yogibabe said...

Looking forward to the new colors of Deep Breath. Love the top and have most of the colors.
LLA, Got my new Astro WU crop in the pretty heathered black/dew berry combo with the matching db micro stripe Power Y. So cute! Love the Astro WUs! So comfy!

Anonymous said...

loving the royalty color!