Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aussie and HK Heads Up - Royalty Space Dye

Heads up from Hong Kong - the Royalty Space Dye Define Jacket.

From Australia - the Royalty Space Dye Power Y. Also shown is the new Magnum Stride Jacket.

 Matching Groove pants in Royalty/Royalty Space Dye

 Another photo of the Run For Your Life Pullover in Royalty.

I think I posted a photo of this a week or two ago - the Right as Rain Jacket.


Michelle Q said...

Be still my wallet! That define is GORGEOUS!

yogibabe said...

Be still my wallet too! Really want that Run For Your Life in Royalty and Power Y in Heathered Royalty. Thank goodness I held off the new Power Ys today. But that doesn't mean I didn't buy anything :) Coughs up for two pretty luxtreme CRB, one Bulerias and two WUs, including the Peacock Embossed ones!

Anonymous said...

love the royalty space dye power y!

ellie said...

LOVE the royalty space dye define!!!

Anonymous said...

i've decided i NEED this rain jacket. if it can accomodate a tall gal like me, I will buy it no matter what. I have not been able to find a nice long rain jacket in over a year! is this coming to the US?!?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:23 am -I think the rain jacket will come to North America later in the year.