Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photos of the Latest

The new Silver Bullet tank (not sure of the color here, Royalty maybe?) and a Royalty Speed Skirt. Only a couple of the Silver Bullets have the reflective design (Magnum and Royalty) on the front and the other two colors are plain. The Lulumum blog has a fit and first wearing review of this tank.

I like the look of the Run For Your Life tank from the back a lot, especially when it is cinched a little.

Magnum Ghost Turbo Shorts.

Dash II tank in Heathered Magnum. The ipod pocket is new to the Dash so that is why the tank got a "II" designation.

Riding Jacket in Heathered Magnum

Speed Skirt in the Peacock Print.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Latest - Silver Bullet, Riding Jacket, Owl Wunder Unders and More

Uh oh, now that I am seeing the Silver Bullet SL Tech on an actual person and not a mannequin I am really liking it. It skims your curves yet doesn't look boxy. I am adding this to my wish list.

 I'm adding this to my wish list, too, although in black. The raspberry is bit bright.

Hmm, still haven't come across a photo showing this tank flatters the person wearing it. I got notice that mine shipped today.

New ruffle-insert Wunder Unders.

A couple more photos of the Snowy Owl print Wunder Unders.

A Heathered Coal (Magnum?) Riding Jacket.

The Speed Skirt comes in a Peacock Lace Print - it's so pretty!

Boogie shorts in Black Nesting Bird Embossed Print.

 The Snowy Owl Print Speed Skirt.

New Groove Crops in Heathered Wren with Wren Space Dye

Fabric Content of the "Silver Bullet" Material

The new Silver Bullet long sleeve and tank and Run For Your Life tanks are made of the same silverescent knit as some of the men's shirts. I grabbed one of my husband's new shirts to check the fabric content. It's 51% nylon, 37% polyester, 8% spandex, and 4% x-static nylon. Unless it has changed, the Sri Lankan made Swiftly Tech tops removed the spandex which a lot people like. I know I haven't bought any Swiftlys made in Sir Lanka. The older Israeli made version were 4% spandex. I am really looking forward to trying out this new (to the women's line anyways) fabric. It is very lightweight and silky to the touch.

NEW! Silver Bullet Long Sleeve Top

Photos of the new Silver Bullet Long Sleeve top. I like the ruffle details at the shoulder.  It comes in Heathered Raspberry and Heathered Black, sizes 2-12. I think I am liking these better than the long sleeve Swiftly Tech tops.

Product Details:
  • Run fast as a silver bullet in this lightweight, body-skimming, technical top!
  • Knitted Silverescent® mesh with x-static® for anti-stink properties
  • X-static®, the silver fibre, inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Don't fiddle; thumbholes keep your sleeves down
  • Secure pocket for keys, cards or music
  • 360? reflective details for low-light visibility
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams

NEW! Snowy Owl Print Wunder Unders

Also coming in the Wunder Under Pant length

Now these look kind of cute - they are the Snowy Owl Print Wunders. They are show with a Warrior One Tank in Dewberry.

NEW! Riding Jacket

New Riding Jacket. I can with 100% confidence state that my bank account is safe from this purchase. Coming in sizes 4-12. This is one of my favorite comments regarding this jacket: I wonder what they were breathing in deeply when designing this...

PS - These photos are from a US store. The new Dash tanks are now hitting the US. I'll have more photos of those.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Triumph Tote, Store Trip Report, A Couple of Reviews

Photo of the new Magnum Nesting Blackbird print Triumph Tote. It is $118.

I went to the store today to see what was new and tried on the Turbo tank. As I thought, I didn't like it on me. The mid-section was loose but kind of snug on my hips so it made the cutouts gap more. The tank is also super long, like the Circuit tank. I liked the sexy look of the bandeau bra but I'm just not comfortable exposing my midsection. I didn't think this tank was very supportive for busty women. I also don't care for the gathered neckline -I thought it was a cheap look. This was an easy pass for me. Other than that, my store didn't have anything else I wanted or haven't already bought.

I wore my Heathered Pigeon luxtreme CRB around today. I like the color and material a lot but am not sure that I like the fit of a luxtreme CRB. Luxtreme is slippery so it tends to slide up, on me anyway. I got creases above my boobs, like the girl does on her left side in this photo, and I had to keep yanking my shirt down. The luxtreme also shows sweat pretty easily, even in this light color. Its not like I'll be selling this tank or anything but I won't be getting another luxtreme CRB.

A friend recently picked up a white Fresh Manifesto LS for me that was on a smokin' markdown at her store and I wore it for the first time yesterday. This is a super thin tank but it's great to throw over a Power Y or another tank when the air is a bit too cold to go without. It's totally see through. I like it a lot but I've read they are super delicate and there is no way I'd buy one for $68. However, if it's on a nice markdown, I'd get another one just to have as a nice cover up.

Photos of the Run For Your Life and Silver Bullet Tanks

The Run for Your Life tank is also arriving in stores. It's underwhelming me on these girls. I'd like to see it maybe a size down on them and also on a bustier woman.

More photos of the Silver Bullet tank. The material is not luxtreme, it's the same silverescent knit that is used in the new Run For Your Life tank. The feather print on the front is reflective.

Updated - A couple more Run For Your Life Photos - I like it cinched up. I can't wait to hear some fit reviews:

I like how exposed the back is - that helps keep me cool in spin class.

Today's Upload - A Surprise

There was a surprise tank in today's upload, the Run For Your Life Tank. From the look of it, I thought it was all Luxtreme until I read the details. The bra is luxtreme but the body is knitted silverescent. This isn't the same knit that is used in the women's Swiftly Tech tops but the type that is used in the men's line like in the Tempo Tech. My husband has a couple of shirts made of this material and it's very silky feeling. I ordered my regular tank size in the Royalty and I am hoping the shoulder straps won't slip down. I am thinking that because the straps are part of a bra and just not pure straps that I should be ok. I'd probably layer another bra like the Energy underneath anyway.  I should get it by next Wednesday at the latest but if it shows up at my local stores over the weekend, I'll probably go try it out. The tank looks a bit shapeless on the model but I am a bit more busty than the model so I think it will be cute. I am looking forward to getting it.

What did you order today?