Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Deep Breath tanks, Energy SL, Cool Down Crop, and More

Photos of the new long sleeve Manifesto shirts.

I don't really love the look of the Cool Down pant with the Heathered Wren Deep Breath but I had to post this photo because this woman's coloring looks so nice with HW.

This photo shows how nice Pink Mist (Define) goes with Heathered Wren. She is wearing the Heathered Wren Gather and Crow Crops and the Heathered Wren Deep Breath tank. This makes me want to get that Pink Mist CRB I keep trying on and not getting.

Toothpaste Circuit Tank and coordinating Astro Crops with the Toothpaste Seabed waistband.

Groove Crops in Coal and Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. Shown with the White/HCWE Let It Loose Tank.

Another photo of the Heathered Wren Deep Breath. I think it looks best with a tan.

Wren Cool Down Crops

A pair of black Cool Down Crops that looks attractive. The design of the back of the Cool Down crops seems to magnify most people's rears but this woman looks nice in them.

Coal Energy Tank and Toothpaste Split Shorts

More Energy SL photos


Anonymous said...

Sorry I think you made a mistake on the picture :coal energy tank and tootpaste Slpit short"
I think it is the TURBO RUN SHORT has the plit short do not gave border rey on the back and at the bottom legs..
Hope you dont mind i point that out..Hope I am correct

Anonymous said...

Man Lululemon is losing me lately, I used to a regular shopper but lately there is nothing that makes me want to spend, prices are too high for the quality. I just read the comments on Lulumum site about the manifesto it develops holes very quickly.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:47am I know!!! I feel the same way. I was semi-excited about the new energy tank, but these photos just make it look kinda meh. I might have to pass on it now.

I have to admit I'm not too crazy about all of the lighter colors as they seem to be more sheer in general. I much prefer richer hues and jewel tones to baby blues, lavenders, and light pink.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Manifest long sleeve shirt but you're totally right about those weird seams in the front and back. What were the Lululemon designers thinking? I'd buy one in a heartbeat if it wasn't for those seams even knowing the fabric is uber-delicate.

Sarah said...

Eep after seeing more irl photos of the new items, the less inclined I am to buy. What is up with all the seams on thd manifesto ls? Yuck. And those new crops look like an unflattering version of the DSCs.

Anyone else wonder if they will be bringing flow n go back? It was released around sept/oct 2010. I wonder if they bring it back, will the neck band fit be better and the drape...

Anonymous said...

As far as sizing: The arms are always way too long on the 2 & 4 who the heck has long arms and a 30 inch chest?
Manifesto should be rewritten to reflect what they really are, they hide behind the yoga thing. None of the more current merchandise is available to their third party vendors.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7:25am The answer is extraterrestrials and/or undiscovered dinosaurs have that long of arms.


I compleeeetely agree.

Anonymous said...

Tried on the manifesto shirt....we're going into summer and it's super delicate. Not a justifiable purchase on more than one level.