Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Made Too Much / Loot Section is Back in Action

Lululemon uploaded some new stuff to the We Made Too Much (or Loot, as it used to be called) section. This is the same stuff that is currently on markdown at the stores. I am tempted by the Retro Groove Gym bag.


Anonymous said...

gripes about the new website: items that are sold out are still showing up in the main item lists. ex. scoopneck dress in grapeseed. picture is there, click on it for details and shows sold out. same for the brushed still pants in Loot, etc. why tease the consumer???

also, what happened to all of the old products that were "findable" to reference back to? I had a huge list of bookmarks to old pieces that I could refer back to when/if I find something on eBay/Craigslist. Now, no more. I'm guessing when LLL brought the website in house, the original programmers said "sorry, we're keeping those files". darn! there goes all that research!

ok, gripe over...thank you...i feel better

Travelbug said...

Yay finally!
I'm still finding the site a little wonky, what improvements were actually made because i don't notice much of a differnce!
Thanks for the heads up though, i'mm probably be getting the flush 50 rep :o)

Anonymous said...

I was tempted by the 50 Rep too...but I have so many Energy bras now, I really don't need more...I scooped up the Power Y in Beachy Green. Glad I didn't buy it in store about a month ago after all! LOVE that colour, so I'm happy! :)

LuluGuy said...

I too am confused as to what exactly was improved on the site that required LL to take it down for over a month.

I'm also not impressed that your shopping cart gets cleared the moment you close your browser. It never used to do that before!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:09 - use Google images to find old lululemon. Most often the old website photos are there.

I'm not that impressed with the new website either. It often runs slower or goes down. I think the big reason they took it in house was to make interfacing with their distribution center better. I think they are planning to make the site as fancy as Lucy's is but that seems a ways off. I wish they would put better fit information on the site - inseams, bag dimensions, athletic-cut / loose-fit, etc. That would be a lot more helpful to people who have no choice but to shop on line.