Monday, May 16, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip

I went back to the South Coast store to try on the Backbend crops again (all you enablers talked me into it) and get the Pink Mist Energy bra and see what else was new. While I was there I spotted this new Scoop Neck color. I'm sorry the first photo is so blurry. The second photo is a close up of the collar and the body of the tank. The color code is: SDWW/Wren. I think that stands for Sand Dune Heathered Wren Wee Stripe/Wren Wee White (?) but I am not sure.

I tried on the Paradise Long short. They were actually very nice - light and airy feeling. They also have a little stretch to them. I still don't care for the eyelet trim but I might consider them if they go on markdown but not at full price.

I attempted to try on the Loop de Lulu dress. I am normally a twelve in most tops but size down to a ten occasionally. I had heard the Loop de Lulu ran tight in the bust and people aren't kidding. I think this dress only goes to a ten or at least that is what my store had. The top part of the dress is extremely tight and it got stuck on the upper portion of my chest. I think most people are going to have to size up in this dress no matter how busty they are or aren't. I thought the dress was very heavy, also. It's just not something I'd choose on hot summer days. I'll post some more educator photos of it, but I also think it makes most people's hips look bigger than they are.

My store also got the new Pranayama tanks in. What a gorgeous, sexy tank. I tried the ten on but of course I was spilling out all over the place. Too bad lulu can't make versions of the Pranayama and Full Eagle for bustier ladies with larger cups. The sheer luon bottom portion is light and airy and feels so nice against your skin. I just love the look of this tank. If you have the shape for this tank and are looking for something for hot yoga or hot summer days, give this tank a try.

I gave the Backbend crops another try but the SCP store just got in a shipment of the Heathered Blurred Gray Define Jackets:

I wore my new Heathered Blurred Gray Scoop Neck tank to spin today. The HBG material is so soft and I love the color. I thought it felt pretty cool (breathability and wicking-wise) for spin class. The material content is 45% polyester, 42% nylon, and 13% spandex. My other stores have been out of the HBG Defines for awhile now and it hasn't shown up on the website but it was at SCP today. I decided to get it. I also got the Pink Mist Energy Bra.


Mary in Boston said...

Did the Pink Mist Energy Bra have a nice lining in it with lulu written all over it? My Citron Energy bra has the nicest lining in it, but when I tried on the grapeseed color of the Energy bra I noticed it didn't have that nice lining.

Nice buys today!

Anonymous said...

Yup - the dress looks like a bust. So disappointing, I really wanted to love it. Maybe in a great pattern? But the nice thing about the Dirt & Beat the Heat dresses is that they could be worn as a skirt too, but I'm thinking the straps make it impossible for this stupid dress. Why tinker with a good thing?

Becky said...

What size did you get the Bra in? Online they seem to only go up to 10... is that what size you are able to wear?

LuluAddict said...

I got the bra in a 12. I just checked - the onine store has them up to a 12. 12 is my normal size. The 10 smashed me down too much.

The inside of the pink mist energy is just pink mist material - very plain.

Becky said...

Thanks Luluaddict. I guess it is just the Canadian side that is showing them only up to a size 10. Seems the Modern Racer Tank is now only being made up to size 10 now too. So disappointing :(

LuluAddict said...

@ Becky - That is a bummer. Write and complain to Lululemon. I wonder if the 12s are in the stores only. I tried on size 12 Modern Racers before they switched over to the Vitasea fabric. The Canadian angel lady listed on the right side of my blog might be able to find you a size 12 Energy and MR.

Sharleen H said...

Luluaddict - please feel free to erase this:

For those of you interested in getting defines - I just posted a brand new with tag static dark classic sports grey define with seniorita pink trim on lululemon exchange and trading post! I am asking $110 shipped (what I paid retail because it is in prisitne condition) or best offer!

Sharleen H said...

oh i forgot to say that it is a size 6

Anonymous said...

Love the Pranayama tank. Very light and airy. The surge is very pretty. I am small, but I can see that it will be a problem for ladies with bigger bust, more so than the Full Eagle tank. There's hardly any support.