Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip - Spirit Tank and Dhanurasana Crops

I got word last night that the South Coast Plaza store received the new Spirit Tank so I shlepped my rear down there today yet again. That makes four trips in five days. I really hope no more new stuff comes into the store for another week.  ;-)

I am a big fan of luxtreme tanks for the warmer months. I like the light silky feel against my skin and they breath so well. When the temp hits the upper 90s I switch to wearing my luxtreme tanks around the house.  I also like tanks that you can wear your own bra underneath, too, since I often add another bra for higher impact activities. When I saw the new dip dye Spirit tank I was pretty sure I would buy it since I love ombre color fades. I tried all three colors on but I ended up going home with the dip dye version. I might go back and get the black with Heathered Black because that was very pretty, too, but first I want to give the tank a spin at the gym to make sure I keep cool enough in it since it has a rather high neckline and back. I thought the tank fit true to size (for comparison, I thought last year's Pep Tank was on the big side) with a flattering curve-skimming fit and I was very surprised the shoulder straps did not fall off my narrow shoulders. That is usually what happened with the last few scoop back tanks Lululemon has put out, like the Pep Tank. Because the back doesn't dip down as low as the Pep Tank, the straps stay in place better.

Pep Tank from last summer
I wore my Champion Powerback bra which looked ok but I also tried the tank on with the Energy bra. It looked super cute that way. The front part of this tank comes up fairly high so you will not show any cleavage. However, if you press your arms together the front does pop open a little but the neckline is so high it doesn't reveal that much. (I will have to caveat this a little in that I think I am fairly long between the shoulders and the top of the breast so it might dip a bit lower on other people but it's still a very modest neckline). The armholes come up high so there is no worries about exposed pit fat.

The tank also hugged my bust (36DD) but wasn't super tight so I definitely think this tank was designed for bustier women in mind.
 One cute detail about the dip dye version is that the stitching becomes contrast stitching in the darker part of the tank. You can see that around the ipod pocket, down the middle of the back, and around the bottom hem. This tank has the lulu symbol in a rather discreet place, is not a racer back, and will fully cover your bra so it doesn't scream athletic wear to me. For these reasons, I think I will give this tank a lot of use this summer as a casual wear tank.

Donna Karan 35137 Sports Bra
When I got home, I tried the tank on with my Donna Karan 35137 sports bra, my favorite non-racerback underwire sports bra. The DK bra comes up really high in the front so I often only use it for wearing under Swiftly tees but the Spirit just covered it. The front straps of the bra are a bit wide for the tank so they do show. I may be able to live with this but I might need to get a black DK.

Moving Comfort Fiona
I know many of you ladies like the Moving Comfort Fiona bra. I think the Spirit Tank would work well with this bra, too.

  • Keep your spirits high and your heart pumping in this mid-length, next-to
  • -skin, shelfless tank!
  • Designed specifically to fit over your full support bra of choice
  • Lightweight, inherently wicking luxtreme™ fabric keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Wide straps are comfortable & won't dig into shoulders on a long run
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • $52

While I was at the store I saw that the new Dhanurasana crops went to a twelve so I took the opportunity to try them on. I thought they fit similar to Wunder Under crops except a bit shorter. The store only had the heathered blurred gray ones which I wouldn't consider - I'm mostly a black pant type for the gym - but they are supposed to get the black ones soon. I think the price on these was $78.

My store also received the new camo wunder under crops. They are cute and I think I prefer the black camo  a little better to the wren but wren would go with my wren CRB. The camo print is one of those high polyester content prints and has a bit of a sheen. The store also got the Bliss tanks in.


Anonymous said...

Luluaddict- Did you see the Wren SFT jacket today at your store? I am heading out to see if my store (Santa Monica) got it in, but I am worried that we are considered "warm weather" stores and we might not get them in ... Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I saw the Defines in the new colors and a word of caution buying on-line, they are running smaller than the ones earlier released in the Spring. A couple of us had to size up. BTW the new colors Toothpaste and Surge are so similar to Aruba and Snorkel.

LuluAddict said...

I didn't see the Wren SFT at the store and I don't think they got them. Call the GEC, maybe they will know which stores received them.

3crazykids said...

I pretty much decided I must have wren colored everything. :)

Anonymous said...

hi, did you see the surge spirit tank? I ordered this one "blind" from an angel since I am really into surge right now, dying to know how it looks!