Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some Gorgeous Outfit Photos

Toothpaste Swiftly, Citron Energy Bra, Blurred Gray/Toothpaste Inpsires

Citron Energy Bra & Tinted Canvas Print Astro Crops

Coal White Microstripe In Stride Jacket with a Tango Red Tank - Love the gray, red, and black color scheme.

Coal Do It All Shorts, Toothpaste Swiftly, Citron Energy Bra, Coal "Love" Scuba, and Retro Groove Gym Bag

Surge long sleeve Swiftly and Black Seabed Speed Shorts

Grapeseed Totally Totetastic with a Grapeseed Deep Breath and Blurred Gray Stance Pant

I would say this woman has sized down two sizes in the Mind Over Matter tank to get it to fit this snug. I tried it that way, too, yesterday to see if I liked it better. Unfortunately, my poochy mommy tummy was then highlighted in the front.

I also think she has sized down the in the Surge Power Dance tank here, too, otherwise the bottom portion would look more voluminous.

 Forgot this one, I just love this men's shirt.

These photos are from the Easton Town Center Facebook page. Take a look, there are more I didn't post. (Thanks for the heads up, Angela B.)


Anonymous said...

The girl in the Toothpaste Swiftly, Citron Energy Bra, Blurred Gray/Toothpaste Inpsires photo is gorgeous, she should model on the website.

Anonymous said...

Um yeah she's ridiculously pretty!

So is anyone else kinda disappointed with today's upload?? I've been waiting patiently since the website's been up again for four items that have yet to appear (v-neck grapeseed swiftly, blurred grey define, surge dance floss travel jacket, and polocrosse crops) ... wish I lived near a store, but sadly no ...

Dom and Trey said...

I just want to say I enjoy your blog. I've been a reader for about 3 months or so. I discovered Lulu about a year ago, when they opened a showroom in Ft. Worth, TX. I joined the initial run group and I've been running with them since. We now have a full store in town. Yay!

Your blog rocks. I enjoy all your post. Thanks for being an addict. :)


LuluAddict said...

@ Dom - Thanks!

Yes, I was disappointed in the upload. Where is the blurred gray define and scoop neck tanks? I missed them in the stores.

kukhuvud said...

I really dislike the mens stuff in recent months. I don't want contrast stitching or weird textures on my shirts.

What I DO want are more shirts like the Classic Gym Shirt, or more shirts like the Essential Tee but in silverescent or that seaweed-whatever fabric.

Maybe next month :)

Anonymous said...

what is with people commenting on a girl when there is a gorgeous hunk of a man right below? delish.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your Blog, it really does Rock...I check it often. And it was so great to see some mens stuff here today. Been a Lulu lover for some time, always lookng for info/feedback/reviews.

Wish there was more mens reviews on here. Keep up the great work!!!