Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Toothpaste and Surge look great together. Toothpaste Define and Surge Deep Breath

I was scoping the Lab's Facebook site to find some items in Poppy Red to show because I hear there will be a CRB coming in it (heard it's more true red than Tango - yes!) and I found these cool looking Wunder Unders:

I love the slate green color and the bleached areas. Check out the Lab's website. I love the product photos  - the Lab has a great photographer and model. Why don't they use this duo for the website?


Anonymous said...

Those pants are sick, I love them!!!! Would buy them in an instant!

Anonymous said...

The Surge Blue and Toothpaste runs small at least 1/2 size compared to the Snorkel and other ones. I have 3 and I had to size up.

RunMama said...

I loved those Lab WUs too but not enough to seek them through an angel purchase.

I bought the dip dye spirit tank today. Got my first TTT to go along with it. This tank is so flattering, the darker area through the mid-section hides so much. It's a design like this that makes me fall in love with lulu all over again - the color fade, the seaming details, the length. I can't wait to try it out on a run.