Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quickie Post on Today's Shopping Trip

I have a ton going on with the end of the school year so I won't have time to post until much later tonight. I went to the store today and was able to try a few things.

I love the Illuminate Bike Jersey! I thought it ran TTS and is super cute. It's $68. I could feel the reflective lines up my back since they are a bit stiffer than the luxtreme/circle mesh material but other than that I thought this top was very flattering and kind of sexy with the zip down neck. I wish I had a need for this top but since I find the gym to be warm in the summer and I need my shoulders to be bare I will regrettably pass on this top. I think this version of the bike jersey is much cuter and has more detail than last year's.

The real reason I went to my store again today is that I wanted to get the new Retro Camo CRBs. I tried on both the black and wren and ended up with neither. I really didn't like any of them on me. I guess I just like tops with bolder prints. If I had to pick one, I'd probably get the black. The Wren Camo was nice but it was very similar in color to my Wren CRB. The camo pattern is very subtle, especially in low light. The material is very thin and a bit sheer - I could actually see the shadow of my cleavage through the top where it lifted away from my skin. I have some photos illustrating this and will upload later. The camo is 92% polyester and 8% spandex. It's super lightweight and I think it would be fine for summer workouts but I didn't love it enough to bring home.

I went to the store yesterday and picked up the Wren Denim Define. I didn't know if I would like it on but I really love it. I am going to have to find some more tops to coordinate with this. It looked really nice against the Wren DSC/DSPs, Wren Still pants, and Heathered Wren bottoms.

I also tried on the Surge Light Up tank. The tank fit has not changed from last year - very snug in the chest (almost a size small) and looser in the belly. If you at all moderately busty or have a large rib cage or back you might want to size up in this.

There are a few new goodies that have been uploaded to the website today - the Pink Mist Energy Bra, Heathered Still crops and more. Take a look if you were on the hunt for these.


Anonymous said...

what is wrong with your blog lately? it takes way too long to load. it's the ads. I'm going to have to stop reading, it's messing up my computer.

Anonymous said...

LA- did you see the SFT jacket in Navy blue today? I wonder if it's nice ..

Anonymous said...

Love the vest. I think it would be perfect for running in the evenings this summer with all the reflectivity. I'm thinking of getting it for that. I really like the sweetheart type bust seam. It better be uploaded....

Anonymous said...

Dang it Luluaddict, I talked myself out of that Denim Wren Define ALL weekend. Now you have confirmed the love of it I think I can hold off no longer!! The worst part is I am dying for the camo wunder's to go with! Ackkkk!

Did you ever get the picture I e-mailed to you with Julianne Hough in the Tinted Canvas CRB? The e-mail was titled "celebrities in Lululemon". You might have thought it was spam.

Crystal said...

I must have the Illuminate Jersey !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lla I noticed the same thing regarding the ads.
I love your blog though and will keep reading, but I wonder why you are choosing not to post about the boycott?

Anonymous said...

I love the Wren Define, but... I would never wear it with wren pants. Seriously, it would be like wearing an expensive tracksuit! Coordinating exact same color jackets with pants... Fashion failure.

AJ said...

Is the girl in the wren camo outfit also wearing a camo headband!? I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, site takes a little longer to load but lulumum's is WAYYY slower for me so I can't visit it anymore.

I love that you comment and don't just post all the pictures of what's new. It helps me know what size to reach for first when trying on a new style.

Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

I tried the camo CRBs, but yes, they are dark and subtle. If this print were on a pair of DSPs or DSCs, look out! I would attack.

I fit in the Light Up/Speed Up Tank, but the Illuminate Bra was tight on me, even w/o pads! I didn't try the size up but keep that in mind when ordering.

The Serge Light Up Tank is freaking gorgeous in person. I don't do light blues well, but this is just amazing.


LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:32 pm - Please don't leave me! I've changed a few things. Let me know if speed has improved. I tried a testing site and it showed the times should be much better.

@ anon 3:33 pm - I haven't seen the Navy SFT. I've only seen the initial batch in person in the heathered blurred gray and other heathered color. The navy and wren look cute in the photos.

@ anon 3:46 pm - I did see the email - thanks! - but have been super busy and haven't downloaded it. The end of the school year/baseball/PTA season is wrapping up and we have events every night of the week and soccer all day on Saturday. I can barely keep up with the new photos of lulu clothes and post them. Although, I have managed to sneak in a few trips to the store. I will get to your email. Things are opening up now that we have had our last baseball game.

@anon 4:37 pm - I am aware of what happened with Cali Lulu and the boycott but haven't had time to sit down and write a thoughtful post. Lulumum already covered what happened and I've followed the posts on the Lululemon and This Just In FB pages so there is no point in me going over the same territory. I want to make more of a global post about Lululemon's scarcity model, Angel's, limits, re-sellers, eBay, and how it affects the customers. I have had some contact with corporate lulu about the issue and I wanted to write about that a little bit, too. It's coming but I've been super busy and I think it's a topic where I want to put some thought into it because it's an issue people feel strongly about.

As for a boycott, I am personally not participating. My blog is not titled Lululemon Addict because it's catchy. I do have a true addiction to the clothes and as much as I think the corporation needs improvement in some areas, all I really care about is the clothes. Lululemon has rules against re-selling and they consider Angels resellers. Based on my email conversations they don't fully understand what many of us customers go through trying to get their product so right now they don't see a distinction between Angels and eBay profiteers. Lululemon may not have employees that enforce their rules in the most diplomatic or consistent way but I recognize it's their company to run the way they want. Lululemon has received complaints about ebay resellers and they are trying to protect stock in the stores for the local population. I think they are working on policies as they go and it's unfortunate that Nancy and Cali Lulu's situation were not handled a bit more discreetly and tactfully. Well, I've half written the post. ;-)

Anonymous said...

llua - thanks for your response, love your blog, and I agree I am an addict too! I just love your fiesty honest approach, you are my favourite daily read!