Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photos of the Latest: Run Resolution Skirts, Scubas, and More

 Photo of a the new Coal Print (Seabed? Waterfall?) Resolution Skirt. This version has pleats, unlike the white one below.


Photo of the White Run Resolution skirt. (Thanks, Michelle Q.)

Photo of all three of the Run Resolution Skirts. The black and coal have the pleats. The white does not. (Thanks, Florence C.)

From the Sun Valley store. Love the peach colored Scuba. 

 Neckline Detail on the Let It Loose Tank

Pink Mist Energy Skirt

White / Heathered Coal Wee Stripe In Stride Jacket


Anonymous said...

Is that a scuba or a lux/light? It looks too thin to be a scuba--at least I am hoping!!

Luvlulu said...

I noticed how thin it was too. It looks way too thin to be a scuba. I hope it's a light or a lux, that would be great. I wish they would make a solid white In Stride. I wonder what these new colors are called.

Anonymous said...

i agree - the piping looks too thin to be a new scuba, these are either old remixes folded really flat, or remix lights?

Anonymous said...

It isn't a lux because the hood wouldn't stand up like that. A light perhaps but there has been no word if it returning.

Lynn said...

So excited for the Run Resolution Skirts, especially the Coal design. Thanks for posting!

Совёнок said...

Do you by any chance know if Lulu is planning new colors in Push Ur Limits tank? Its my absolute favorite. Also, waiting for Blurred Grey Define to be uploaded, its sold out in Bay Area stores :(

Anonymous said...

I love the peach colored hoodie!!! I hope it shows up online!!

LuluAddict said...

@ Cobehok - I wish some new Push UR Limits would come out. I am surprised they have so few designs right now. They are a favorite tank of mine, too.