Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Camo Wunder Unders, Will Power Skirt, and More

Camo Wunder Unders. Check out the hidden lulu symbols in the design. From one of the boards - a woman was told today that there are two camo items coming to stores. We know one is the Wunder Unders. I have an extra long CRB from the Lab that is in camo. Maybe lulu is releasing camo CRBs, too.

Strength and Tone short. These are made of light luon. I don't think they are particularly attractive in this photo but I bet they are super comfortable. Light luon is very soft, especially in the blurred gray or heathered coal or whatever this color is. I bet they would make great jammy shorts.

Paradise Long Short.

Run The Fastest in Toothpaste. I really liked these when I tried them on and they are getting good reviews on the website.

Shown with the Pink Mist Deep Breath Tank

Run: Willpower Skirt in Tinted Canvas. I like the skirts with a bit of flounce - very feminine and sassy!

Cute combo of the Heathered Sand Dune Scoop Neck and Do It All Shorts.

A rather goofy look on the bottom, but a Toothpaste and Black (or Coal?) Scoop Neck Tank and the Surge Pranayama tank with the Paradise Long shorts.

Photo of the new rashguard from the Product Notice emails.


Erica said...

Do you know if the camo's just done in black and gray or if there are also dark greens/browns in it? Hard to tell on my computer. Not necessarily a huge camo fan here, but I'd be all over a camo CRB.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Christine Day mentioned in one of her quarterly reports that they were going to come out with a yoga surf cell. I guess the long and short board shorts and rash guard are it.
Are the camos in the US yet?

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say the Strength and Tone shorts look like a pair of my pj bottoms!

Anonymous said...

Are the camo wunder unders in the US yet?

Anonymous said...

am I the only one who thinks that from far away the camo print might look like cellulite? I honestly thought that's what it was when I initially saw the small picture. Hope it's not like that in person!

Anonymous said...

Is that scoop with the black trim actually toothpaste, or is it Aruba?

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the color of those paradise long shorts in coal (?) shown with the rashguard!

LuluAddict said...

I just got a product notice from the Pearl District store in Portland that shows the Camo Wunder Unders. I hear they are at my local stores, too, here in Socal. Call your stores - these will go fast!!!

Anonymous said...

The two camo items are probably just the WUs and the WU crops...I saw a product notice for both of them...and they come in a black motif and a wren motif...IMO it's hard to see the detail on the black one. It's probably best to go with the wren if you want that true camo effect.