Monday, May 23, 2011

Photos - Grapeseed Dance Studio Jacket

Photos of the new Grapeseed Dance Studio Jacket. Do you think they will make matching Dance Studio Pants and Crops in this color, too?


Anonymous said...

Love the new jacket colour on black pants.

Personally I doubt they'd make this colour in the pants/crops. There were some reversible wunder unders in a bright purple similar to grapeseed and they seemed to hang around forever, didn't do too good I guess.

And personally I hope they don't make the matching garment. I cringe to imagine people walking around in full grapeseed, and I know they would if given the option.

Anonymous said...

I would buy Grapeseed Dance Studio Pants in a flash!!! They'd be fantastic for Zumba.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:34 PM
Heeheehee, agreed a full get up in grapeseed would be a little much :)