Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photo of the Retro Camo and Illuminate Jersey

This photo will give you an idea how sheer the new Retro Camo CRB is. Of course, I had to pull it away from my chest so it won't look like this on you but I could see the outline of my black bra underneath. Just an FYI.

 Found a store photo where the cleavage area is a bit sheer, too. I'll try to find some under bright sunlight in case any of you do outdoor bootcamps.

Some close up photos of the Illuminate Jersey.


Anonymous said...

Hi LuluAddict!
I'm about 2 hours from a showroom, can you tell me if the Wren Denim Define is the same colour as the Wren DSP? The jacket looks lighter somehow, but maybe that's just the lighting in the pic.
I wonder if the camo WU's are a different fabrication as well, causing them to be so see thru?
Thanks for your help! :)

LuluAddict said...

I will take a photo of the Wren Denim Define Jacket next to my Wren DSCs and Wren Sill pants tomorrow morning. The camo WUs are the same fabric as the tank. They are pretty thin but I think ok if you don't bend over in them.