Monday, May 2, 2011

NEW! Mind Over Matter Tech SL Tech, Photos of the New Power Dance Tanks, and More

New Mind Over Matter SL Tech in Tango Red. This looks very similar to last year's Energy SL Tech. The ruffles on the back are cute but I don't really care for them creeping over the shoulder down to my boob. I'll try it on but I really prefer the Energy SL. I will post when I find out what other colors this comes in. I do like the Tango color and love that there aren't any silly saying on the front.

FYI - Last year's Energy SL Tech
The new Pink Mist Space Dye Power Dance Tank. This is on my must have list for this month. I love the Power Dance.

Great photo showing a more voluptuous figure in the Power Dance Tank. I'm pretty sure the Power Dance was designed with bustier women (or women who prefer more coverage) in mind. If you need more support, try layering the Energy, 50 Rep, or Flow Y bra underneath. Lately, I've been layering my Energy bra.

Close up of the Surge Power Dance Tank showing what Surge Sheer luon looks like. The photo in the lower left corner shows the new colors of the Power Dance - Pink Mist Space Dye, Surge, and Black.

New In Stride Jacket in Pink Mist. (Shown with the new Blurred Gray Inspire Crops)

More new In Instride Jackets - Heathered Blurred Gray (? I think), Pink Mist and ?


Anonymous said...

agreed on the MOM tank - ruffle on the back are very cute but over the shoulder onto the front i don't like at all. I have a couple of energys from last year and I prefer that one (also have to say i love the ones with the sayings).

Anonymous said...

I was anxiously waiting a tech tank... sigh.... don't like the ruffles on this one. Wish lulu would bring the SL back.

Luvlulu said...

Looks like I'll be saving money again this week. I do like the power dance tank but I have a short torso and it's way too long on me.

LuluAddict said...

The Energys with the sayings came out in some really cute colors but I wish they'd offered a plain version, too.

Anonymous said...

The MOM tank looks like the old I Just Wanna Run Tank.....I prefer the IJWR tank much more though....not a fan of the ruffles going over the shoulder deal..

Anonymous said...

I prefered last year's Energy tank and wish I had gotten one. I thought the ruching was more flattering than just ruffles...

Does anyone know if the space dye bra part of the Power Dance Tank is luon or luxtreme?

Anonymous said...

I regards to the space dye bra part of Power Dance Tank:-
Here's what it says on my tag:
Bust-Power Luxtreme, feel silky smooth with high Lycra fiber content and inherent wicking to keep you dry and comfortable.
Body-sheer luon, is ultra light with stretch, breathability and wicking, (just like the body of Pure Focus tank.)
Hope this helps. :)

momof5 said...

For all of you powerdance fans -- it looks so pretty and everyone seems to love them -- but I am concerned that it will look like maternity wear? What do you think -- I have spent WAY too much time in maternity clothes to wear them when I dont ned them