Monday, May 23, 2011

NEW! Illuminate Bike Line, Sunblocker LS is Back, Bliss Dress, Camo CRB and More

 This looks like the Wren Camo Cool Racerback. Love!

Sunblocker LS shown with Run Faster Longer Shorts

The Sunblocker Long Sleeve is back. I posted some photos of last year's Sunblocker and it looks the same.

Last year's Sunblocker LS tops.

Illuminate Dress - can't say I have a need for a dress with reflective tape. I supose you can run it it but I don't think it's very cute or even flattering.

I like the lulu symbols on the sticky hem tape
 Illuminate bike jersey - I like this bike jersey much better than last year's (shown below). I'm not sure what colors this comes in but I am hoping the same as the other Illuminate stuff - white, black, pink mist, and hcwe.

Last year's Light Up Jersey
Illuminate Bras - Heathered Black, Pink Mist, Heathered Coal Wee Stripe

Surge Light  Up Tank shown with Paradise Short Short

Light Up Tank shown with Energy Skirt
The new Light Up Tanks comes in Surge, HCWE, Pink Mist and Black. It's made of luxtreme.

Dance Studio Jacket in Grapeseed

Heathered Grapeseed Sing Floss Travel Jacket - This photo is washed out. I'll try to find a better one of this jacket. It also comes in Surge.

New Blisses Dresses - the black is cute. I need to try this on. It also comes in Coal.


Anonymous said...

I don' think this is called the illuminate tank but the light it up tank. I bought one today and it was called the light it up tank.

Anonymous said... the Heathered Grapeseed Sing Floss Travel Jacket, especially if the color is the same as the CRB. Have one of those and love the color. The problem is, now I want both in this color and the Wren, that I have been waiting patiently for. Guess the key word is "want", sheesh...eeny, meeny, mo!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:06 pm - Thanks. It looks like the Light It Up but some of the stores called it the Illuminate. I'll fix it.

ChiRunner said...

So do you think there is going to be a second Sunblocker LS coming out? Because this one doesn't have the crossover neckline like the one featured in Competitor Magazine.

andrea2251 said...

The dark haired model makes everything look awesome. I totally want those Run Fastest shorts AND the camo CRB. . . and I didn't want it yesterday.

Is there something going on with the blog? It takes forever to load up and I hear lots of clicking (you know, like when items are loading up)?

Beverly said...

Ok, I know I said in your previous entry about the Bliss dress that it looks a little like maternity wear, but here I am eating my words!! I went to the El Sgundo store today, where they had exactly one black bliss dress left, in my size. So I tried it on, expecting not to like it, both because of the empire waist and the pockets. To my surprise, it was super flattering and didn't make me look preggers! My problem with a lot of empire waist dresses is that the skirt part can look like it's billowing out immediately below the bust, but this one lays flat. Also, the pockets don't add a lot of bulk. I can see myself living in this dress, since I don't need to wear a bra with it. So easy to just throw on and go.

Also can't wait to try on the camo CRBs.

On a different note, still haven't seen the Waltz pants in SoCal yet. At this point, do you think this is just going to skip SoCal altogether? :(

Anonymous said...

That older woman has an amazing body. Holy cow. I'm liking the camo.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the illuminate dress in the US?

Beverly said...

@ Anon 8:51 pm: Yes, the Illuminate dress was at my local store (in SoCal) today. I tried it on in the coal. It was really cute on, but I passed on it bc I dont know where I'd wear it to (seems too workout-y for street wear, but not sure I'd wear it to actually exercise in).

LuluAddict said...

@ Beverly - that is my problem with the Illuminate dress, too. Too workout-looking for casual wear but not really functional for exercise.

LuluAddict said...

@ andrea 2251 - is it still slow? I put a couple of gadgets on it the other day (the post of facebook ones at the bottom of the postings) I wonder if that is slowing it down. I also have been putting a ton of photos in one post. I probably need to compress them a bit and break them up into a few different posts. Let me know if it's still loading slow.

RoadBunner said...

Do you know what the shorts are in the camo CRB photo at the top? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow you ladies Rock for posting all this and modeling them!!! and you are so gorgeous!!! I love lululemon..actually am an addict!! thanks !!