Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Product Notice Pics & Info

Wren Camo print
Black Camo print
 There are new Wunder Crops and pants in camo print. There are two flavors of the print: Retro Camo/Wren and Retro Camo/black. They are hitting US stores now so if you want them, call your stores and grab a pair.

The Bliss tank is coming in a Sand Dune Heathered Wren Wee Stripe/Wren version. The stripe is the same as the new Scoop Neck I saw in the store yesterday.

The Layer Me bra is back in black, Toothpaste and Pink Microstripe. The bra comes in sizes 4-10 and is made of luxtreme.

The Savasana Wrap now comes in Heathered Deep Navy. Although I don't love Navy workout clothes, I think Lulu is missing out by not producing more jackets in Navy so people can match them with their jeans. I would love a Navy Scuba or Sing Floss Travel Jacket.

The long-anticipated Wren Sing Floss Travel Jacket is finally hitting US stores. Love this color!


Anonymous said...

do you know if the Sing Floss Travel Jacket is coming out in any other colours? thanks.

kim said...

does anyone know the price of the bliss tank?

Vicky said...

I'd like to know the price of the Bliss Tank as well, it's gorgeous!

LuluAddict said...

The only other color I have heard of in the SFT is Surge but I think it will probably come out in more colors.

I forgot to look for the Bliss tank today. I would think the price is somewhere around $52-58. There is nothing special to the tank that would make it more than the typical tank price.