Monday, May 16, 2011

More Photos of the Latest

Spirit Tank - Blurred Gray Dip Dye. Wear your own bra underneath and made of luxtreme.

Pink Mist Define Jacket - forgot to post about that in the previous post.

Pink Mist Deep Breath - so pretty!

This photo is from the Square One store. I thought the Tango Red Scuba hit Canada already. Just read this is Poppy Red. The symbol is white. I would seriously consider a Wren or Heathered Wren scuba.


Sun said...

hmm so different batch of tango red scubas then? i bought the one online and my symbol is gray.. well. i know there are different batches because someone from TJI posted that hers is made in canada and mine is made in china.

Vanessa said...

It's POPPY RED! Redder than tango I think... so Lulu posted the wrong product online when they first released the Tango scuba online!

Tina said...

The spirit tank is very cute on you. I also have the Define Jacket (in Denium White). It fits like a glove and is seriously gorgeous. I have the Deep Breath in Tango Red on order. I haven't seen Poppy Red. Is PR more blue or yellow based compared to Tango Red?