Friday, May 6, 2011

More Men's Items

Men's Light As Air Short

My husband is in the market for new workout clothes since he's changed sizes. One of his preferences is that his gym shorts have a pocket for his wallet and keys. The Light as Air Short look pretty nice - no weird-colored stripes or blocking with dorky cube designs. Lululemon seems to have eliminated the back zipper pocket, though. That's where he keeps the little locker key but it looks like they've moved it to the side.

I can't say I care for these weird shiny areas on the front of the Tempo Tech SS but I'm not going to be wearing it. As a woman who'd be buying this shirt for my husband or brother, I like the earth tones it comes in - Wren and Soot. This tee is made of silverescent knit. I personally love Silverescent knit for hot days and sweaty workouts. It's very lightweight but rather clingy. I use my long sleeve silverescent knit shirts as a baselayer when skiing. My husband has a couple of silverscent knit tees coming in the mail soon but so far he has only worked out in the perforated Silverescent like found in the Move It Tech. I think that fabric is less clingy. Both fabrics are equally great for sweating in. In typical man-fashion he didn't seem to have much to say about the fabric of his silverscent shirt, either good or bad so I guess he likes it. I am curious to hear his review when he gets his knit silverescent tops. I'm pretty sure it'll be something super helpful, like "it's ok."  ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Hey I appreciate you adding updates for the men's side of things too! Men never want the stuff but when they are given it they love it lol.