Monday, May 9, 2011

The Latest - Visors, Hats, Circuit, Full Eagle, and Bliss Tanks

Waltz Pant. These look so cute on this woman. I am going to have to try these on when they get here.

Willpower SS with matching Reflective Visor. The new Visors and Caps were at my store this weekend. The cap doesn't have a lululemon logo on it, just a little metal bar with the name lululemon. I wouldn't mind the logo - it adds another reflective element. The new cap also has a velcro closure instead of a buckle-type system.

Reflection Visor in Surge.

The Circuit Tank is so cute I wish it worked for me. Be sure to wear this and move around in it for a good 15 minutes before taking the tags off. It gave me pressure points similar to the 50 Rep bra - at the front of the armpit, neck, and shoulder blade areas.

Mind Over Matter luxtreme pullover in coal / white microstripe (I think) and Surge Blue cap.

Bliss Tanks in black and white. Comes in sizes 2-10. Here is an older review.

Oh yes, I am hearing there won't be any big product drops because stores got the Circuit Tank and Full Eagle plus a few other goodies late last week for Mother's Day. That works for me (somewhat). However, someone just wrote they bought a pair of Heathered Wren Still shorts at their store. If any of you in the US have seen those, can you post? I really would like a pair.


Anonymous said...

I really want them to put out new colors. I have nothing to buy. I hate Grapeseed, Pink Mist and Black Citron Tinted Canvas. I would love brighter pink, peach or pinkish lavender colors. I actually started buying other brand now.

Anonymous said...

yeah, they pushed up this week's product to end of last week to maximize weekend mother's day shopping.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for some summer dressssss!

Vanessa said...

Is that purple circuit tank grapeseed? it looks a little more mauve-ish than grapeseed in that picture... maybe it's just the camera lighting?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the Waltz pants in Southern California yet? :)

Anonymous said...

I heard that the Bliss tank's bottom part is not cinchable...if that's the case, it's not going to work for inversions!

Anonymous said...

My store has none of the new tanks. I went to the Jacksonville, FL store today and they only had the willpower ss, which I picked up in Tango Red. I thought it was cute and I don't own a lot of tops-- mostly tanks and I think the real reason I bought it was because I didn't like how the Mind Over Matter Tank fit. I'm 5'7" and it fit weird since the cinched part of the tank it me very short. I hope they get the circuit tank and the eagle tank in soon because I really want to try them. I also tried on the power dance tank in a 6 which is way too big all around but they didn't have the pink mist in a size 4 so I passed on it. I tried on the 4 in the gray version and I didn't like it although it fit. I think that it would probably look better on more busty women. Although I'm thin and don't have much curves it made me look bottom heavy or pear shaped.

Anonymous said...

i tried on the waltz pant. hate them. too much bulk around the waist and it interfered with any top i tried them on with. i had to take them off because they distracted me from really seeing how the tops fit.

the full eagle top looked sloppy on me. i'm small chested and thin on top and maybe it would be better if i tried on a size 2, but then i'm sure it would have been tight under my armpits. it sort of gapped everywhere.

the circuit tank was just ok. it looks awesome on all the women here so maybe you just need more curves and boobs for it.

i bought a power dance tank in the heathered blurred grey. its fabulous. the body is so light that it feels like you have nothing on except a sports bra. perfect for summer. super flattering on me as well.

Anonymous said...

I HATE when they use velcro for the adjustable thing on the hats/visors. Velcro gets stuck in my hair, you can't adjust it during the day without yanking out half your hair...not good for your hair health!

I'd buy every colour in the caps and visors (like I did last year), but won't buy a single one with the velcro

Anonymous said...

I've seen wren still shorts at Vaughan mills Ontario location

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:07 pm - I'm not a fan of velcro, either. Send in your feedback so it will be changed back.

@ Vanessa - It's grapeseed. It's just bad lighting in the photo.

@ anon 6:17 - totally agree about the power dance tank. Anything sheer luon is my go-to top when the weather heats up.