Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Power Dance Tank is Back! New Lively Long sleeve, New Sing, Floss, and Travel Jacket, New Turbo Shorts.

From previous release - the lilac space dye Power dance tank
Yay! The Power Dance tank is back. My product alert says it comes in Violaceous and Lilac/Lavender. I don't know if they are the solid versions or the space dye version (like show above). A reader writes in to say they are solid on top. If they are solid on top, I'm going to assume the top part is luxtreme. I also don't know if they are luxtreme on top or luon. I am planning a trip to the store tomorrow but not sure if I will see them there. If anyone has seen them please let me know. I bought two of these last time and love them for hot days.

New Lively longsleeve shirt. I like it but where were these this fall and winter? Now that it's warming up I don't need long sleeves. I love my cabin long sleeve and this one looks nice, too. I might get it if it's single layer and comes in a darker color. I will stain white.

Product Info:

  • Designed as a reversible layering piece to tak you to the studio, through the first few minutes of your practice, and as a savasana cozy up
  • Vitasea is a cotton, Seacell and spandex blend, that is breathable, soft and feels awesome against the skin
  • Added LYCRA fibre for shape retention
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Thumbholes keep your sleeves down and your hands warm!
  • Preshrunk
  • White, Sizes 4-12

Black and Very Violet

No Limits Tanks are back. They are all black or coal on the outside with a color bra on the inside. I would have preferred the other way around. I would have loved a solid Violaceous or Tango Red version.They are coming in four colors: Black and Very Violet, Black and Surge, Coal and Pink, and Coal and Lilac Space Dye.

New quilt pattern in the Wunder Under crops (#15) give a hint of a new print to come - maybe a Surge or Toothpaste Seabed?

New Sing, Floss, and Travel Jacket. This jacket reminds me of the Wear With All except a little shorter. I think it's super cute. It's coming in Surge, Heathered Wren, and a what looks like classic sport gray.

Product Info:

  • Sing, floss, and travel in this jacket because it was designed to be the perfect piece for all your daily activities
  • French terry is soft and breathable with stretch so it holds its shape
  • Long fitted jacket provides bum coverage with tights
  • Thumbholes keep your sleeves down and your hands warm!
  • Front pockets for storage of $ & keys
  • Preshrunk

New Turbo Shorts:

  • Our signature mid-length, technical running short
  • Lightweight & wicking swift fabric with 2-way stretch
  • Soft wicking COOLMAX® liner
  • Medium-rise with smooth wide waistband
  • Continuous drawcord that won't come out in the wash
  • Storage! Secure key pocket on back waistband & 2 gel pockets on the front
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams


Anonymous said...

The power dance tanks are the same fabrics as the last release. The lilac/lavender is not space dye (neither is the violaceous). However, there is a NLT that's black with a lilac space dye interior bra.

LuluAddict said...

Do you know if the top part of the Power Dance is luxtreme or luon? The last time they were out, in the solid versions the top was luxtreme and in the space dye versions, the top part was luon. I'm betting if they are solid, these new ones are probably luxtreme.

Anonymous said...

I remember them being a bit shiny, so i think they are luxtreme. I didn't look super close, though.

Anonymous said...

anyone know what colors the new shorts are coming in? Are they the same length as a groovy run?

Anonymous said...

I have the lilac space dye Power Dance tank, and just noticed how close the bottom color is to my new heathered grapeseed CRB.

Leeza said...

I got the Power Dance today at my local Boston store in Lilac/Lavender the bust is made of Power Luxtreme and and the body is made from Sheer Luon. I looked at the Vialicious version and it was made of the same material as the one I got :-) it was nice just a little too bright for me.

Glow said...

Ooh, the new jacket looks like a nice design, but I think I might pass on it for now in hopes that they will release it in better colors later. Based on the picture, I really want the new Turbo Shorts, though! I am just naively hoping that these ones fit tighter in the butt area than the Speed and Groovy Run Shorts! Those two always poofed out too much on my small butt lol.