Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Deep Breath, Pretty Pirouette, Energy Bra, Black Seabed and More

A photo showing some bustier ladies in the Deep Breath Tank. It shows a very healthy amount of cleavage - great for husbands, boyfriends, or catching the eye of potential husbands and boyfriends.  ;-)

A photo of the Grapeseed version of the Deep Breath - such a pretty color.

Not to pick on this woman, but you are probably going to want to wear the cups in this tank if you buy a non-black version of the tank. The light luon will reveal if you are chilled.  I noticed this when I tried on the tank and it was one reason I bought the black.

Good photo showing the back of the Deep Breath tank.
New headband - the Pretty Pirouette. It looks very cute. I might have to try it but found the regular Pirouette a bit tight for my head so I'm hoping this runs slightly larger. The Pirouette is such a pretty, understated look. (BTW, I love this woman's hair color.)

Heathered Grapeseed Cool Racerback.

Heathered Coal Cool Racerback. I love this but already have a Static Charcoal version so can live without this color.

I love the Black Seabed In Stride. I wonder if there will be a Define version. Speaking of Define jackets, where are they in the newest colors?

New Savasana in the Tinted Canvas Print. It's show with the Heathered Sand Dune Scoop Neck - so pretty but washed me out.

I love how the Energy bra looks under the scoop back of the Sunset Tank. It almost makes me want to buy a Sunset tank but it was too tight on my hips (like this lady) and made the pleats poof out in an unflattering way on me. I hope there are more scoop back tanks in the future because the Energy looks so cute under it.

Leg detail on the Mind Over Matter luxtreme running crops.

Lululemon has teamed up with Amphipod on a hydration belt. Does anyone know if the price is much different than buying a regular Amphipod bet at a running store?

All the latest Scoop Neck colors. I've rediscovered my love for the Scoop Neck tank lately and have gone from owning one to owning four in the past couple of months. Did anyone pass on buying the Unicorn Tears one? It felt a bit muted compared to the Unicorn Tears version when I tried it on. If my local store has a better pattern distribution I might try it again but for now, it's a pass for me in the Scoop Neck.


Anonymous said...

I bought the mind over matter crop yesterday--I was not in the market for new luxtreme crops (because I have 2 pair of black and 1 of coal that work fine), but these were too cute and comfortable to pass up. I loved the circle mesh paneling, the seam detailing, and the ruffles. So cute!

amber said...

I got the canvas print scoopneck and I adore it. Mine has a lot of black/grey on the front with a splash of citron and pale mist - it was a good one. :)

I tried on the Sunset tank, too and it was just bad. I'm pregnant and am looking for some flowy tanks to wear later this summer (the No Limit will be awesome!), but it didn't work on me now and I don't think it will be any cuter with a big belly. Blech.

Anonymous said...

do you know what stores have received the new satin headband yet?

LuluAddict said...

I was at Newport today and they did not have the new Pretty Pretty Pirouette headband in. They had a new luon one, called The Luon Headband, which looked like an all-luon version of the Untwisted - same width, double layer of luon. They had that one in black only.

Anonymous said...

I bought 2 deep breath tanks this week. I brought my husband to the store with me and he begged me to buy them!