Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photos of Cute Outfits

Love this photo - she's not only fit but fashionable. Love the tulips, too.
Looking good while you run - Seabed Grapeseed print Get Up and Go Jacket layered over a Grapeseed Swiftly and Black Speed Skirt. (Oh yes, with a matching Grapeseed braided headband)

Heathered Grapeseed looks really nice with the Grapeseed Seabed print Speed Skirt.

Bow Tee, Tango Energy bra, and Salutation Crops. This probably my favorite Bra/Bow Tee combo. I've seen photos of the Bow Tee layered over a CRB and it looks absolutely awful that way. If you have the back to pull off this look, I say go for it.

The Pink Mist Scoop Neck - very delicately pink.


Lynn-Ann said...

I ordered the citron crb. I love the pretty yellow color that is shown on the website.

Didnt know that it was a tennis ball green.

Damn you lululemon and all your website bullshit!!!

(sorry, had to vent to someone... !!!!)


Lynn said...

Speaking of venting, I just went onto to purchase a simple, common item: Reverse Groove Shorts... I clicked on it, and got the following message:

"It looks like you're looking for a product that is currently not available in your region. We're working on our flexibility to bring you more products.

Speaking of flexibility, get out of your seat and stretch. When you're done, breathe deeply and browse the menu on the top of the page. We just may have something else to suit your needs."

My comment is... If something is not available, why not state "Sold Out" as they have right now for Run:Speed Skirt (tango)... or better yet, why even have it on the website altogether?

Beverly said...

Oooh, I love the heathered grapeseed with the grapeseed seabed print! Thank you for posting that pic. I bought grapeseed seabed speed shorts recently but was afraid to wear it with my grapeseed swiftly tank because I didn't want to look too purple. But now that I see it in the photo, I'm going to try it.

Wore my black bow tee with grapeseed energy bra and heathered gray embrace crops to Bar Method class today and got a lot of compliments! I love how feminine it looks, and it's a rare chance to show off not only the pretty bra straps but also any special features of the waistband of whatever pants you're wearing. :)

Anonymous said...

@Lynn Doesn't the implied condescending tone to that error message annoy you???? I think it is very snide. Don't tell me to "breathe deeply" when it's your problem on your website. :) Yeah, maybe I could get up, go outside, and stretch if I had the gear you can't provide!! haha!!

Anonymous said...

Bought the Pink Mist Scoop Neck and Embrace Crops today. It looks really pretty with the Embrace Crops in heathered blurred grey/blurred grey. Loving the Embrace Crops (have all three colors!)

Anonymous said...

Lynn - I got the same comment for the Scuba a few hours ago! I don't get it, and I completely agree. It's not like I ended up there by accident, your site led me here - a simple "sold out" would suffice. geeeez.

Anonymous said...

Shopping with my BFF at the Ottawa store the other day, looking at the Bow Tee. Nearly fell over laughing when she suggested we could wear it backward! Following the venting theme above: We think it's a stupid piece of clothing and definitely over-priced. Perhaps it's the exception to the rule, because I love all other things Lulu.

Lynn-Ann: the colour on my screen and the actual thing are nearly identical. Depends on your monitor's colour display, probably.

momof5 said...

I agree with the scuba and reverse groove -- I called GEC yesterday and she said it looks like an IT issue since all 3 colors in all sizes are "Not available in our region" when they were available until the upload -- same thing with both reverse groove shorts -- she said they would look into it -- then I called today and the girl was like Uhhmmmm, I dunno -- they are all sold out I guess --- I mean why wouldnt they be there --I tried to explain to her that is is unlkely that 5 items that were available in all sizes sold out completely in 2 hours -- especially the solid black that have been available for a month so it is probaly an IT issue --and she goes _- I dunno -- check back next week-- Really -- next week -- This is customer service!

Sorry -- Vent over --!!

Anonymous said...

Love this girl's outfit! So cute! I wish I had more fund to spend..Lululemon items are too expensive for my budget.

Anonymous said...

Moving the IT in-house has clearly not fixed the issues. They are not more competent, the site has more errors/issues than ever, and all this after waiting for the site to be re-launched. I love lulu but am starting to have no patience for a company who runs their business this way.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to the "new and improved" site, it definitely seems like the company is having severe growing pains. I have been a loyal lulu shopper for a long time, but all of the mistakes and run around with the site (especially products that are accidentally listed and aren't actually available) seem really unacceptable to me. It feels like there are so many mistakes and mishaps...hard to take them seriously when something is going wrong everyday. Love you lulu, but pull it together!!

LuluAddict said...

Wow, what a bummer on ordering problems with the website. I totally agree, bringing the website in house hasn't solved very much. The site frequently seems a lot slower than before. You should post all these issues on their Facebook page so they know about them.

I think the Bow Tee can be a really cute coverup with the right top/bra underneath and on the right body type. I just went to the store today and the black version was almost all gone.