Thursday, April 7, 2011

NEW! Static Sprinkler Pacesetter LS and More

The Sprinkler Pacesetter LS popped up on line one evening weeks ago for about 15 minutes and then it was quickly pulled off the website never to be seen again. However, it is showing up in some stores these days. This is from a Vancouver area store.

I saw the Amphipod stainless water bottle at the store today. It's a wallet-busting $40, which is the same price the non-lulu version is. However, Amphipod offers several models of hand-held water bottles, starting as low as $18.

I thought this was a cute outfit so I am posting it. It's the Energy bra in Grapeseed, matching Astro pants and the Black Seabed In Stride Jacket.

Another photo of a bustier woman in the Breath Deep tank.

Scuba "love" hoodies in Coal and Violaceous.

Another photo of the Pretty Pretty Pirouette headband. I saw another new headband in the store. It was called "The Luon Headband" and it was double layered luon and about as wide as the Untwisted Headband. I think it is going to come in blurred gray and tango red because I've been seeing new headbands in those colors in photos.

New No Limit in Black with a Purple Crush Flow Y


Anonymous said...

Are the Love Scuba Hoodies anywhere in the US? What about the Tango Red Scuba Hoodie?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon - I don't know about the Scubas in the US. They certainly are not in SoCal or Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Stop the static Lululemon it is so boring! The Scubas are nice but frankly I am tired of seeing almost everyone in my town wearing them.

The Sprinkler top is so similar to the Wish Blue one fromlast winter, I threw mine in tn the garbage it shrunk in the wash.

ChiRunner said...

I'm dying for the Pacesetter LS in Sprinkler, but have pretty much given up hope of it showing up in the US. :(

lulupetite said...

Ooh...wouldn't the heathered sprinkler make a great CRB?!

LuluAddict said...

@ lulupetite - There was a static wish CRB released last fall. You might be able to find one on ebay or the Exchange/Trading Post pages.