Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NEW! It's a Cinch Crop

New It's a Cinch Crops. I wonder if there will also be pants with this waistband style. The waistband totally looks like my old Yoga Pants that I bought four years ago (shown in photo below). These are one of my favorite pair of Lulu pants. I have to try these crops on to see if they fit similarly. FYI - the bump of the ties do show under the more form fitting tanks.
  • Cinch this crop to the rise that suits your sport best!
  • Luon®, our signature fabric: breathable with coverage, cotton-feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing freedom of movement
  • Cinchable smooth & flat waistband that you can roll over or cinch to the rise you love best
  • Medium rise, slim fit
  • Gusset designed for greater range of movement & comfort
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
"Vintage" Yoga Pant


Olivia said...

These look amazing and super comfy, as well as totally flattering like the Cinch dress. Can't wait to try them on.

Anonymous said...

This "vintage" pants were my fav too. Love that I can make this as "low rise" as possible. (I have a short torso-helps elongate my body.) Mine was the brown herringbone ones. Can't wait to try the crops!

amber said...

I have the Crescent pant from waaay back - the cinch ties are on the sides and they are super cute. I just unearthed them from my "too big" pile and they are pretty much perfect for a pregnant belly. I'd love to see this style in a pant again.

Anonymous said...

i think these crops are super cute, and will definitely want to give them a try. question for those who have seen the energy bra in store..what other colors do they have it offered in? online has it in black, tango red and grapeseed. also, does the energy bra come in a size 2, or is a 4 the smallest? thanks!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know when new items will be available online? it is torture seeing all of these lovely pieces that i can't get my hands on

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:04 am - The Energy bra is currently in Tango, Grapeseed, Citron, and Black. However, I believe it will come in a few more colors. I would like to see more neutrals like Coal and White. I'm not sure about it coming in a size 2, though.