Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Items Uploaded Today and More Photos

So, Lululemon says they are going to upload a little every day this week so it pays to check your computers throughout the morning. I saw the message pop up when I was at the gym. Today it was a lot of the Black Citron Tinted Canvas Print. I wasn't sure I liked the print at first but after finding a Scoop Neck with a lot of citron and black I am glad I bought it. My husband even complimented me on it yesterday which is incredibly rare for him. He doesn't care for the prints too much. Unfortunately, the Scoop Neck wasn't uploaded this morning.

The Tinted Canvas CRB and Modern Racer were uploaded. We have seen a lot of photos of this paired with the polocrosse crops or white dance studio crops where it looked super cute. I almost considered getting the CRB in this yesterday but one tank in this print is enough.

The Deep Breath was uploaded, too. It didn't work well for my chest but it's a very flattering tank and many ladies are loving it.

The super cute Tinted Canvas was also uploaded. I really like this tank. I wish it liked me back.  ;-)

A few other crops, jackets, tops, and goodies like the white visor and some new headbands.  Did you take a chance and order something today? More than a few people's orders seemed to have gone astray but Lululemon is insisting that Fedex is showing the wrong tracking info in their system and you will all get your orders (eventually). The white headband I ordered last week is supposed to arrive on Friday so I would think quite a few people will know by Friday if they are really getting their packages or not. I ordered another headband today - the blurred gray and tango red Dance Headband so we'll see how quickly that shows up. 

Iris (I think), Grapeseed, and Toothpaste Scoop Neck Tanks

Back Bend crops in heathered wren - this view shows the waistband detail

Bandhas crop

Heathered Blurred Gray Define and White Dance Studio Pants

V-Neck Swiftly Tees

Mind Over Matter Jacket

Modern Racer Tanks in Tinted Canvas and Tango Red

Pure Focus


momof5 said...

The bandhas crops actually look really cute on the model that has a butt --

Does anyone know if the heathered wren is a sweat show-er -- the back bend crops are cute --

I even think the Mind over matter jacket looks cute on this model -- so funny how a different model makes the clothes look so much better!

love the toothpaste scoop -- i hope that gets uploaded tomorrow --

Elena said...

I actually made 2 different orders yesterday and received them crazy! My order from Friday is still MIA though??? Lulu said I should receive it by next Wed...not happy about that...but what can I really do?!?

Anonymous said...

Do you know what colors the Bandhas come in? Looks pretty cute, though could do without the tie thingy....

Anonymous said...

Bandhas crops come in 3 colors- at least I saw them in Toronto stores today: black, dark grey and ligh grey. If I am not mistaken, the girl on pic has dark grey. I bought the light grey version because I already have 20+ black pants and only 2 in grey. Also the ligh grey version fabric seems to be softer. Look forward to wearing them this summer with white tanks. BTW. Backbend crop lookes strange on me - do not like how they flip on sides around knees. Both those crops are TTS.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your detailed response, "anon @ 7:42pm". This is one of those "I have to try it on in the store-to decide" things. Just have to see how the ties will interfere with my practice. Looks like the Backbend Crops will be one of those that will fit differently on each individual - all depends on how long your legs are, tighbones especially, will dictate on where the crops end.

LuluAddict said...

@ Elena - Lulu said the orders from the 15th and 16th were the mixed up ones. It looks like people are starting to receive the mis-directed packages now - with multiple address stickers.

Anonymous said...

I think the scoop neck on the left is Pink Mist, not Lilac. I love that colour, that's the next scoop I'll buy.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say Pink Mist, not Iris. S)

Anonymous said...

The colors are so drab and boring for Summer hoping May will be better. Also the grey Define with the white DSPs makes the hips looks bigger.

Anonymous said...

After much debate between the tinted canvas crb and modern racer I ended up ordering the modern racer. I haven't purchased one of these tanks before and hope I won't wish for the crb. I love my crb. I also got the matching still shorts. They will be my first pair so hopefully I will love them!

Anonymous said...

I want to marry her!
Can I please have her number!?