Monday, April 25, 2011

More Photos of the Latest

Bow Tee with the older Classic Bra underneath. Not as bad looking as the Arise. I wonder if an Eagle Tank would look even better where you show just a little skin. I'm hoping to see a bra/tee or tank/tee pairing to knock my socks off.

Back view of the Tinted Canvas Run Fastest Short.

The circle mesh cuff is an under layer and you can adjust how much shows.

Waistband detail and back view of the Salutation Crop.

Embrace Crop

Details of the new Embrace Crops.
White Best Breath Wrap

Black Get Up and Go Jacket


Anonymous said...

I like the embrace crop, but wonder if all that ruching would look bulky under a nice fitted tank...hmmm, will have to try it when I get a chance. I have to say that the backless tee is just dumb, I don't get it at all...I would feel ridiculous wearing that at boot camp!!

Olivia said...

I'm with anonymous on the backless tee, it's not really my style since it doesn't seem like it would be very flattering unless you are very skinny, and even then it's only good for yoga.. and even then, only when you wouldn't be lying on your back (those things would hurt I bet). I'm more into a sleek look... but to each their own.

Anonymous said...

I agree the backless tee is dumb.

I wish the Scuba colors would be available in the InStride and Define jackets, instead of grey and other neutral colors.

Lulaholic said...

I like the white bow tee that I bought yesterday. Luluaddict, I bought mine with a grapeseed Energy bra and it is a really nice combination!

Anonymous said...

Any idea what sizes the Mudra Pant and Embrace crops come in?

Unknown said...

I just wore my bow tee t- shirt with some running crops and all support sports bra and had a nice breeze run. I run on south beach so you can imagine how hot it can be. This t- shirt kept me cool. It's probably not ment for running but for someone like me who sweats a lot and runs out doors and doesn't like running with a bare sports bra this was PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the backless tee! My back is my favorite part of my body. I have a Katrina (dancewear brand) version of this top that I find a little more forgiving.