Friday, April 15, 2011

The Latest - Tango Red Define, Vapor and More

The Tango Red Define jacket has arrived in the US. I'm curious to see the Heathered Sand Dune version. I wonder if there will be a black Seabed version, too.

Tango Red Swiftly Tee and Black Seabed Speed Shorts.

Astros in Tango Red/Blurred Gray and Tinted Canvas Print. Power Ys in Heathered Coal Wee Stripe (last year's version had white accent stitching, this time it's coal) and Tango Red.

New Wunder Unders in Black and Coal blocks of color. I think that like gray color is Vapor and it can be seen in the Tinted Canvas print. The stripe is the Coal/White Microstripe.


ericavale said...

Loving the mixing of grays and the tango. I loved the alarming red from last fall :))

J said...

So... it looks like no more next day deliveries in SoCal... ordered something this morning and saw that it shipped today but won't arrive til late next week ;o(

LuluAddict said...

@ J - I know. My order says delivery is April 22!!! A whole week. By the time I order something it will already be at the store. That's why I never ordered from the GEC - it took too long.

Anonymous said...

i personally can wait. 1 week is ok-better late than never. i buy on line as protection in case i do not get it in the store. something like oasis wrap i bought 2 months ago on line has never made to the store.

Anonymous said...

This was before the website was being worked on, but I totally ordered a Violaceous Inner Strength tank that never showed up at any of the New York stores!!!! SOOOO happy I ordered it - my fave lulu tank. Weird that is didn't show up in ANY stores. What's up with that?