Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grapeseed Uploaded Today, New Scubas, And Photos

Grapeseed items were uploaded today. I wonder what will be uploaded tomorrow. Maybe Pink Mist. It's so odd that new Scoop Neck tanks are not being uploaded because there is something like eight new colors in the stores. I didn't order anything today. I am kind of in a lulu lulll as far as desiring any new items. It works out because I've been on a big spree the last couple of months and recently sold a bunch of stuff on eBay. My closet was getting too full and I was feeling guilty at not wearing some older items. It's weird, all of a sudden I fell out of love with a lot of my older stuff and decided they could go to new homes that would appreciate them.

Two new Scuba colors - Pink Mist and Toothpaste - have shown up in my Australian store product alerts. Not feeling either of these, although I kind of like the Pink Mist one but know I'd have trouble keeping it clean.

Heathered Blurred Gray Define and Black Seabed Wunder Unders. I returned my Vinyasa scarves last night and was all set to get either the Heathered Blurred Gray or Heathered Sand Dune Defines and ended up leaving with neither, even after hemming and hawing in the changing room for twenty minutes. I liked them both a lot but not enough to spend $100 on them.I think I have reached Lulu saturation, but I know in a week or so I'll be itching to get something new.

I love how the Grapeseed Deep Breath looks with the white Dance Studio Pants. Lulu should bring back white Grooves again.

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Vanessa said...

Pink Mist was in yesterday's upload according to the website. The main page flicked back and forth from Citron to Pink Mist.. as far as I've been able to tell, there aren't many items yet in solid Pink Mist.. besides CRB and Scoop Neck tank... they probably included it in the upload because it's part of the Citron Tinted Canvas Print...

I also doubt there will be an upload tomorrow as it's Good Friday and a holiday for most... sad, because I'm still hoping the TR CRB is gonna show up on the Canadian side.. along with the Surge SFT jacket and Toothpaste CRB!