Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Energy Bra - LOVE!!

I knew as soon as I saw photos of the Energy bra I would buy one as long as it fit right. I love the double straps in the back. I bought the black Energy bra yesterday and would have considered getting another if it came in more neutral colors. I would definitely like one in white, coal, or static charcoal/heathered black. Since I am taking back the Deep Breath tank maybe I'll get another Energy bra.

The front is very similar to the All Sport. Here is a photo showing the overlay of them:

I didn't overlay the two bras perfectly but the Energy is a bit higher in the armpit and dips a teeny bit lower in the front than the All Sport. I thought the Energy was very comfortable when I tried it on and I'll give you a performance report the first time I wear it to the gym. The support was not as strong as the All Sport but much better than a Flow Y. I'd put the support as being very similar to the 50 Rep except it's more comfortable than the 50 Rep. (The 50 Rep cuts into my armpits after awhile. However, I have heard the racerback portion is now wider on that bra so that might fix my problem with it)

I tried layering it under a few tanks to see how it looked. I tried it under the Fouette, the Hot Class, the Twisted Dance, and the Pure Move - all tanks I usually layer my Free to Be bra. I really didn't care for how it looked in the front  - quite a lot of the bra showed in the front of the tanks and layering this bra under those tanks kind of smoothed my chest out so I didn't fill the cup portion of the tanks correctly - but the back view was fantastic. I hope Lululemon comes out with some scoop back singlet-type tanks this summer because I think this bra would look great underneath them. I have some Beyond Yoga square neck tanks that the Energy looked really nice with:

I am so glad Lululemon came out with this bra. I have seen so many of their competitors with a double strap bra and always thought it was a pretty, feminine design. I would love a tank version, too.


Lulaholic said...

I personally liked my energy bra under my deep breath tank! Otherwise the girls would be falling out!

Anonymous said...

I love this bra, and the DB tank, why are you taking it back?

LuluAddict said...

The Deep Breath creeps down on me as I move around and I show too much cleavage for me to be comfortable wearing it. When I turn sideways I can see the underpart of my boob. That's just too risque for me to wear to the gym. I'm going to try on the next size down because the 12 gaped in the armpits a bit on me but I think then the belly will be too tight. I could layer a bra under it for more coverage but I really down want to do that.

Anonymous said...

I tried sz 12 Deep Breath tank couple days ago in Newport store and it was a pass for me also. I have DD breast and this tank provided almost no support and way too much cleavage it is all beacuse of material used, it's too strechy, if it was luon it could have been much better. i own 4 Deep V tanks and you cannot compare it, those were so much better.