Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photos of Cute Outfits

Love this photo - she's not only fit but fashionable. Love the tulips, too.
Looking good while you run - Seabed Grapeseed print Get Up and Go Jacket layered over a Grapeseed Swiftly and Black Speed Skirt. (Oh yes, with a matching Grapeseed braided headband)

Heathered Grapeseed looks really nice with the Grapeseed Seabed print Speed Skirt.

Bow Tee, Tango Energy bra, and Salutation Crops. This probably my favorite Bra/Bow Tee combo. I've seen photos of the Bow Tee layered over a CRB and it looks absolutely awful that way. If you have the back to pull off this look, I say go for it.

The Pink Mist Scoop Neck - very delicately pink.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebs in Lululemon - Giselle Bundchen

Giselle Bunchen last week in Studio City. She's looking good, but what has she done to Tom?

 For readers who are new to this blog - Tom Brady in his lulu.  Enjoy.  ;-)

Photos of the Latest

Did you see any of the royal wedding today? The ladies at the Irvine store decided to dress up for the occasion.

It's a Cinch Crop on an actual person. I can't say I am a fan of how these look but I think she has the waistband folded down.

Pink Mist CRB shown with the Pink Mist Inspire Crops.

Mudra Pant in the Heathered Blurred Gray. I think these would hit at an awkward spot on me.

Love the color combo of the Grapeseed Pure Focus Tank with the Heathered Blurred Gray Mudra Pants.

Your Best Breath Wrap in Coal shown with an Aurba No Limit Tank.

If you haven't bought an Energy Bra for yourself, I think you should. This has become my favorite Lululemon bra to wear by itself for daily wear or for low and moderate impact activities at the gym. I also love to layer it under tanks for more support. I've used it under a Power Y and Power Dance Tank. I find it a bit looser in the band than the All Sport and nearly as supportive. It also gives a better shape than the All Sport. It's more supportive and much more comfortable than the 50 Rep. I hope this becomes a core item. I am thinking of replacing my Flow Ys and 50 Rep with more Energy bras. Lululemon also has to come out with more scoop-backed tanks in both technical fabrics and Vitasea to show this baby off.

I have to give a shout out of love for my Biker Groove shorts. Ever since I discovered pinholes in the crotch of my luxtreme crops due to wear and tear from the spin bike saddle I've switched back to luon. On warm days I wear my Biker Groove shorts. These are just fantastic for spinning. They are on the long side so they ride up a couple of inches above these knee when you are on the bike and then stay put. The fit is the typical Groove crop/short fit - the waistband doesn't cut your tummy in front and doesn't expose you in the back. They are just fantastic long shorts. I need to get a second pair.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pics of Coming Items (Updated)

Ok, I may have to try on the Toothpaste Scoop after all. It looks really cute on this woman. It will look really pretty with a bit of a tan. (Shown with the Bandhas crops in Heathered Blurred Gray)

Close up photo of the waistband of the It's a Cinch Crops.

 Full length view of It's a Cinch Crops

I'm not sure if the gray in the waistband is a new static, micro-stripe, wee-stripe, blurred-something but I think it might be new. There's a good chance I am wrong - it's so hard to keep up with all the variations of static/blurred black and grays. I like it, whatever it is. It's Static Black and Pink Mist.

The Oatmeal/Ash Dip Dye Scuba. I kind of like it but we're heading into summer. Where's the Scuba Light? ;-)

Today's Upload

I wasn't around for this morning's (eventual) upload since I was helping chaperone my first grader's field trip to the Long Beach Aquarium. However, I did check in now and then on my phone. I saw some goodies did show up:

The Tango Red Speed Skirt sold out very quickly. I hope all that wanted one, got one.

The Canadian side got the Surge CRB but we didn't. If you have an Oasis CRB I really think you don't need the Surge. The colors are very similar if not identical.

Canada also got the Wren Modern Racer. This is a tank that I might use my $20 credit on. I've been looking for it in my local stores but it hasn't shown up yet.

Canada also got the new Push UR Limits. Neither of the colors excites me too much.

Lots of Scoop Neck tanks showed up today - yay!

The It's a Cinch crops did not show up today so I am thinking they will be arriving in stores next week and hopefully make the upload. I really want to give these a try. Anyone try these on yet?

I was also toying with the idea of ordering the Black Seabed Lively Tee with my $20 credit. However, I'd really like an Ivory or pale gray tee so I may wait.

This upload pretty much catches the website up with what is in the stores now. I hope we will start seeing some lightweight running tops in silverescent, circle mesh, luxtreme, and other cool fabrics for summer show up soon.

Did  you all order anything today?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Upload Thursday?

Today was the traditional upload to the men's and headwear side (the white Cross Train cap - an excellent cap for summer) of the website so it looks like tomorrow will be a regular upload. What do you think we will see?

I think we will definitely see the new Bow Tee. Can't say I am super excited about this one but will try it on next time I am in the store.

I would think there is a good chance we'll see the new Tango Red Speed skirt. I think these will go fast so order early.

I think the Tango Red Speed Shorts will also make an appearance. There is a also a lot of excitement about these so order right away when they do show.

I'm not sure if the It's a Cinch crops will make it tomorrow. If they do this might be what I will order with my $20 credit lulu is giving out for the delayed April 15/16 shipments (I finally got my missing package today - yay!). However, you have to order through the GEC and not directly from the website.

I think we'll see the new Embrace, Salutation, and Banhas crops, and the new Mudra pants, too. None of those excite me although I would like to try on the new Mudra pants.

I'm thinking the Heathered Blurred Gray Define gets uploaded because I don't think it has show up yet (or did I miss it?).

It would be nice if some more Scoop Neck tanks were uploaded. There has only been black for the longest while. There is a new Heathered Blurred Gray version out, too. I really like HBG but that and Heathered Sand Dune seem to really show lumps and bumps. However, I am a huge athletic gray fan so we'll see. However, it was in the 80s today and I was getting a little hot in the gym in my new Black Seabed Power Y so it may be time to switch to lighter tanks like my Swiftly and Circle Mesh CRBs.

I bet the new Get Up and Go jacket will make an appearance. I am hearing this runs tight in the shoulders for those that typically find this in some of the lulu running jackets.

I am thinking the Push UR Limits might show up.

I'm sure the Best Breath Wrap will also show up. This one is made of the stiff and wrinkly Tencel fabric that I am not a fan of. Until a really unique wrap comes along I will stick with my $20 Costco DKNY wrap. I just bought another today in black.

What are you hoping for tomorrow? There is nothing really on my list but if some interesting new tank shows up I may get it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Product Alert Photos & Make It Right Letter

The Bow Tee photo from the product alert emails. Interesting that lulu shows it with an Energy bra. I think it's the cutest thing to put under it. I don't really see wearing this tee as a workout tee but as a cover up after a class.

Black Seabed Lively Tee - I like it but do I need a third item in this print? Hmmm.

The new web model of the Still Short look so much better than the old one:

I really would like some Wren Still Shorts.

A "Make It Right" letter was emailed out to those whose orders went astray. My package has still not shown up. I can see why it might have gotten lost. It's only a headband so it's a fairly small package. Any of you not get your April 15/16th orders yet?

NEW! It's a Cinch Crop

New It's a Cinch Crops. I wonder if there will also be pants with this waistband style. The waistband totally looks like my old Yoga Pants that I bought four years ago (shown in photo below). These are one of my favorite pair of Lulu pants. I have to try these crops on to see if they fit similarly. FYI - the bump of the ties do show under the more form fitting tanks.
  • Cinch this crop to the rise that suits your sport best!
  • Luon®, our signature fabric: breathable with coverage, cotton-feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing freedom of movement
  • Cinchable smooth & flat waistband that you can roll over or cinch to the rise you love best
  • Medium rise, slim fit
  • Gusset designed for greater range of movement & comfort
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
"Vintage" Yoga Pant