Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Upload Thursday Predictions - Half of What We Are Looking For

I know I will be looking for the Unicorn Tears CRB tomorrow but since it's just starting to arrive in stores in the US I doubt it will be uploaded. I don't know if the brick and motar stores feel it financially when the website "scoops" them on items but I would think they try to lag the stores in selling the latest designs. I certainly hope it shows up but I'm trying to prepare myself for disappointment when it doesn't. ;-)

I also hope the Unicorn Tears Scoop Neck tank shows up tomorrow but I think it has only been spotted in Canadian stores so far so I am doubtful we'll see this tomorrow.

Iris Wee Stripe/Wren Scoop Neck Tank
Iris Wee Stripe In Stride Jacket
I think we will definitely see the Iris Wee Stripe items tomorrow since they are in the stores. Plan on seeing the Scoop Neck, Power Y, and Wunder Unders. Perhaps even the In Stride Jacket will show up. I am not sure about the Iris Wee Stripe Pure Balance tank. Maybe it will make a surprise appearance.

I think we'll see the bug guts green Split Pea Wee Stripe CRB. It's definitely different looking but not my personal favorite.
I think the Violaceous Hot Class Tank will show up. This is such a pretty tank but I am too busty for it.

I think we will definitely see the Dance Studio Crops uploaded.

I think we'll see the latest Modern Racers.

I think we'll see the new Stratus Wunder Unders uploaded, too.

What are you hoping for tomorrow?

PS - Some new headbands have already been uploaded. The Dance, Slipless, and Braided in the Unicorn Tears. Also, the Sprinkler Ikat Untwisted (I ordered that this afternoon).


Alex said...

I really like the defines and strides that do not have the huge, colorblocked lululemon symbol. Such as in the Violicioius Define and the Bold Blue Stride.

I also like the Unicorn Tears CRB that the girl has on in the photo; I am very wary of ordering it online! What if there is not enough color?! Oh, the little things in life that worry me.

The Colorado stores have the Unicorn Tears crops in stock; I'll have to wait for the CRB.

Anonymous said...

I really am hoping for the heathered pig pink scuba and white in stride:-)