Monday, March 21, 2011

Photos of the Latest: Gray Unicorn Lively Tee, Wren Lulu Pant, UT Push, Record Breaker Crops

Lively Crewneck Tee in Gray Unicorn Tears

I really like the gray Unicorn Tears Lively Crewneck Tee. I'll have to see if my store gets it this week.

Lulu Pant in Heathered Wren. I can't tell you how much I like my Wren Still Pants. Wren is a win for me.

Record Breaker Jacket in Snorkel Blue.

Snorkel Blue and Violaceous Lively Tees

White/UT In Stride Jacket with UT Jog Skirt

White/UT In Stride Jacket with UT Push UR Limits Underneath

I really like the White/Unicorn Tears In Stride the best of all the In Strides released to date but I am death on white jackets. It's totally cute, though.

Unicorn Tears Push UR Limits - I am just not loving this version of the Push UR Limits from the photos. I still want to try it on, though.

Unicorn Tears All Sport

UT Scoop Neck Shown with new Record Breaker Crops

Unicorn Tears Record Breaker Crops


Anonymous said...

Lulu, please get rid of the lively t and bring back the 5yr pima t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prairie80 said...

Enough Unicorn Tears already! Time to move on to something new!

amber said...

I'm loving my Wren DSPs, too. Such a great color and perfect for weekend wear!

Anonymous said...

The UT tee is no hell, the fabric feels different from the rest of the tees. The other new tees fabric feels thinner than the 5 yr Pima tee.

The White InStride is nice and the Aura Pullover if you size down to eliminate the sloppiness of your regular size.

The Bra Fairy said...

That sports bra does not even come close to properly fitting her! She's coming out the sides!

Lulu needs to start making larger cups for smaller backs.

LuluAddict said...

@ The Bra Fairy - I didn't even notice that but you are right. They need to do what Moving Comfort does - have a couple of version of each style - an A/B version and a C/D version that is deeper.

Lulaholic said...

I bought the Lively t in UT, the violaceous run faster longer shorts and the record breaker crops with the violaceous seam down the leg. I love live live it all! The shorts and t are items i never would have bothered with in the past but the patterns and colours are so pretty right now! Im tempted to get the UT all sport now. I say the jog skirt today, actually went specifically for it and i took one look at it and knew it was too short and didnt bother trying it on.

Anonymous said...

UT tee is 1 size down compared to other lively Ts. Also, fabric feels more rubbery. UT T looks like "hairy chest/body" :). I would not take it even for free. scuba looks better in the same print