Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More New Items - Downtime Jacket, Iris Wee Stripe In Stride, Pure Balance Tank and More

Iris Wee Stripe In Stride Jacket

New Jacket - Downtime Jacket - GEC says this is $148 (thanks, HoundLover!)

  • Lined track jacket designed to take you to & from your early morning spring runs!
  • DWR swift (durable water repellent) is quick drying, lightweight with 2-way stretch
  • Lined with light and airy gradient mesh
  • Body-mapped, anti-stink circle mesh panels for extra breathability
  • Soft running luon® fabric cuffs with thumbholes keep hands warm!
  • Hidden music pocket & cord exit
  • Secure zipper pockets

Violaceous Get Focused Tank

The Pure Balance tank is hitting US stores. This is a version in Wren and Iris Wee Stripe. I liked this muted palette in this tank but I know this tank won't work for me. This tank is way too open on top and way too low cut.

Arise Bra - comes in black, violaceous and unicorn tears

This bra is made of luon light so that means it is super stretchy and will be extremely low support. I can tell already that it will not work for me. Word is on FB that a bra for bustier ladies is coming soon.

  • Made with luon® light fabric - lightweight, breathable, cotton-like feel, 4-way stretch

  • Low support T back bra will hide under your racer back tanks and stay in place during all your poses

  • Open front and back allows for maximum breathability

  • Thin back strap to provide a greater range of movement

  • Mesh bra construction with built in pockets for removable cups 

  • Ooops, almost forgot the SE CRB with the sheer luon ruffle in the back only. Not getting that the ruffle is in the back only. I know this tank is in stores up in LA but I didn't see it today. Kind of weird.


    Anonymous said...

    How close is violicious to potion purple?

    Anonymous said...

    I saw the ruffle CRB in the SaMo store.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm very curious about the downtime jacket, but based on recent pricings at LLL I'm sure it will be priced out of reach for me.

    houndlvr67 said...

    I called the GEC to find the price of the Downtime hasn't shipped to US stores yet (so says the GEC who has been wrong a "few" times in the past). The jacket is $148.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm confused. Is the Downtime jacket a running jacket? Or just a to and from jacket? Hmm, not sure what to think of that one. It seems to have some technical features.. Any idea on price?

    Violacious is so pretty!

    Mel said...

    Is it just me, or are they starting to upload items already? I noticed Define jackets and several headbands available that I hadn't before.

    Unknown said...

    The cut on the tank in the lower front looks like the shapely tank to me.

    RunMama said...

    I will def. order the iris Live Healthy Wrap. Also, maybe, the Pure Balance Tank. It won't be for the gym though, that's for sure.

    Anonymous said...

    Looks like there have been new updates to the Canadian site today, headbands at least. Unicorn tears is among the colours loaded, but no Violacious yet..

    Anonymous said...

    love the in stride...i just fought for the light grey pique! ahhhhhhhhhhhh! too much too soon! be easy on me lulu or at least the credit card!