Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Color Comparisons: Wren vs. Anise

Anise Silverescent (left) vs. Wren Swift in outside light
Wren vs. Anise (right) - Taken inside in flourescent light

For you old timers who have Anise items, this is a comparison of Anise to Wren. In outside light, Wren looks a lot grayer than Anise. In interior, flourescent light the two colors look closer together. Anise is definitely more of an olive green while Wren is more Army green.

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Michelle Q said...

While I love Wren, I compared the DSP in both Wren and Coal last week at my local store and I just couldn't justify buying Wren when I already have Coal. Both are similar in coloring, I think, because Wren is a grey-based green, IMO. I couldn't think of tops that I would wear with wren that I wouldn't wear with coal, so for that reason I ultimately passed. Since Wren came out in DSC's, though, that may weaken my resolve. ;-)

Thanks for the color comparison!