Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Photos of the Latest

New Quilted version of the Groove pant - Summer Quilt 14 with blurred gray, tango red, and coal panels.

Close up of the Heathered Sand Dune In Stride with Wee Stripe inset.

The Mind Over Matter Pullover is also available in black, in addition to white and Grapeseed.

The Heathered Tango Red CRB is arriving in US stores. 

Heathered Grapeseed CRB - also hitting US stores.

NEW!!! Citron Swiftly Tank, Grapeseed Mind Over Matter Pullover, Tinted Canvas Pranayama Bra

Citron Swiftly Tank - Glad to see these again. It's in the 90s today so I wouldn't mind another of these in my wardrobe. I think they are one of the lightest tops for hot weather workouts.

Grapeseed Mind Over Matter Pullover.

Tinted Canvas Print Pranayama Bra. Does anyone know if those crops are new, too?

NEW! Heathered Tango Red CRB

The Boise store just posted this. It's a photo of Heathered Tango Red and Grapeseed CRB and the new Wunder Unders.

NEW! Mind Over Matter Crop

New Mind Over Matter running crops. Love the lacey-looking panel.

  • It's mind over matter in this high performance, knee length crop!
  • Made of 4-way stretch power luxtreme™ fabric for 'no bounce' muscle support & quick drying, wicking capabilities
  • High-rise waistband with drawstring & elastic for support
  • Body-shaping flatlocked seams reduce abrasion
  • Back zipper pocket for secure storage
  • Quick-access gel pockets
  • Reflective details for extra low-light visibility

NEW!! Energy Bra

New Energy Bra. I am very excited for this one. It reminds me a lot of my Free to Be bra which is handy for added support under spaghetti strap tanks. I believe it goes up to a 12 and it looks like it's cut to accommodate larger busted ladies. It's made of luxtreme. It's $48. I am totally getting this one.

Free to Be

NEW! Heathered Sand Dune In Stride Jacket

New In Stride in Heathered Sand Dune. I'm not sure why there are no Defines in the newest colors yet. I am not a fan of the boxy and rather plain In Stride. I think the lulu symbol portion is the Heathered Sand Dune Wee Stripe pattern.

NEW! Tinted Canvas Print Scoop Neck

I really want this scoop neck tank but am afraid I will be out of town when it hits my local stores. This is from the Robson (Canada) store. It looks really short in the top photo. This woman must have a long torso.

NEW! Pranayama Bra

New Pranayama luxtreme bra for hot yoga. The front looks a lot like the Eagle Bra. I know this will not work for me at all but it's cute. It's coming in black and the Tinted Canvas print, too.

NEW! Mind Over Matter Pullover

New Mind Over Matter Luxtreme pullover. I'm not sure about the other colors it will come in. I would think the price is around $99 but I'll post when I find out more.

A Little Birdie Told Me...

No Limits Tanks from last summer - Coal/Pig, Black/Lolo, Black/Oasis
A reader has passed on that we'll be seeing more No Limits in our future. They will be black and coal with different colored bras. She also said there are some dresses in our future. (Thanks, Ms. X!)

I would have liked to see a solid Violaceous No Limits so I am a little disappointed but I hope more solid versions of the No Limits will be in our future. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Items - Heathered Coal Wee Stripe CRB, Quited Wunder Unders

Heathered Coal Wee Stripe (HCWE) is back. Did this come out in a CRB last time? I can't remember. I bought the Power Y in it but I don't remember it in a CRB. Since I already have three HCWE tops this will be a pass for me.

I forgot to mention that I saw the Coal Strata Stripe Stride jacket in the stores yesterday. I think this is old stock but I can't be sure if they are re-releasing this pattern.

Wunder Under Grooves - Summer Quilt 1

Lululemon Model Photo of the Sand Dune Static Black Wee Stripe CRB

Here is the official web model photo of the Sand Dune Static Black Wee Stripe CRB. It looks so pretty in this photo.

Tango Red with Older Prints

Reader Patty sent in some photos of her new Tango Red In Stride jacket with some of her tanks. Here it is with the older Fat Bird Floral print in Alarming. It looks really nice together.

Here it is with the Red Roses (I don't know the formal name of this print) print. This is one my favorite older prints - very dramatic. I dithered over getting this print and they so rarely show up on ebay.

Photos of the Iconic Wrap

Here are a couple of good photos showing the details on the Iconic Wrap.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NEW! Heathered Grapeseed CRB, Wunder Groove Crop, Grapeseed LS Swiftly

CRB in Heathered Grapeseed

Wunder Groove Crop in the Blurred Gray/Spring Quilt 10 Waistband - I think it has the puckered waistband

Grapeseed long sleeve Swiftly - this one is very cute

NEW!! New Crop - The Salutation Crop?

A reader with sharp eyes (thanks, reader Cutetrackstar!) comments that the crops the woman in the middle is wearing are new and called Salutation Crops. They have little bows on the sides. I'll try and dig up some more photos and figure out where I got this photo. I'm pretty sure it's a Canadian store.

Update - Ok, not sure if they are new crops or not but there is a new crop coming out soon similar to the older Dance crops. I guess we'll see. If I see more photos I will post them.

Today's Shopping Trip - Sand Dune Stripe CRB and Puckered Quilt Grooves

I visited both the Irvine and Newport Beach stores today. I got the new Sand Dune Static Black Wee Stripe CRB. This CRB seemed to work with my coloring much better than the Black Microstripe CRB that was out a couple of months ago. The photo above is a comparison of the Sand Dune CRB on the left to a Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Power Y on the right. The Sand Dune is a bit more muted. The fabric contect of the Sand Dune CRB is 69% Nylon, 23% Polyester, and 8% luon. Unlike some of the other wee and microstriped CRBs, the fabric feels nice and thin (the black microstripe was thick and scratchy to me) and a bit slick. It doesn't feel extra soft like the Power Purple microstripe CRB.

Black Microstripe CRB

I also bought the Blurred Gray/Spring Quilt 10 Grooves shown above in the top photo (middle photo in the second picture). I really like the puckers in the bottom band of color. The colors in the band are Citron, Coal, Grapeseed, Black, and Heathered Sand Dune (I think). Also, the luon in these Grooves (my store had the bottom two Groove versions in) felt like "old" luon - soft and thicker. I did a bend test and I could see the edges of my underwear but not the color of my underwear so I think good luon is back. I will definitely let you know if these Grooves pill early or excessively.

The purple in the band is Grapeseed but I compared it to a Casis CRB that was in the racks and I couldn't find any difference betwen the two colors. I took a photo of it compared to some of my headbands and tanks:

This photo shows a Dance Headband that has Casis and Lilac compared against the Grapeseed square. It's hard to tell Casis and Grapeseed apart. The mesh headband is Power Purple.

This photo compares the Grapeseed square to a Lavender Energy SL tank.

This photo shows a close up of what I believe is a Heathered Sand Dune square (top) in the quilted band of the grooves. I am excited to see Heathered Sand Dune show up in the technical luon fabric. I will be all over a CRB in Heathered Sand Dune if/when it comes out. The Blurred Gray felt really soft but I'd love to see this fabric against static coal/gray to see what the exact difference is. However, I know I'd love a CRB in blurred gray.

I saw the Tango Red In Stride and it had more orange in it than I thought it would. I think Lulumum called it a tomato red and I've got to agree. Maybe it will look a little different in other fabrics/styles but the In Stride was a pass for me in this color. I might consider a CRB in it, though. I took a look at the new Black Citron Tinted Canvas print and I'm excited for tanks to come out in the print. I was also looking for the Mudra wrap but neither store had it but they did have the Iconic. The largest Iconic Irvine had left was an 8 so I didn't try it on. I saw the Angel Blue SS swiftlys people have said they spotted in the stores and they are definitely made in Israel. I'm pretty sure they are from left over stock from the summer. The Newport store had a couple of the Disco CRBs left in a six and and eight and those were very old stock - they were made in Canada and the light luon felt different than the other CRBs on the rack. I was hoping to see the Iris Wee Stripe Lively tee but the stores just had Snorkel and Violaceous. The Newport store had all the Citron CRBs marked down to $29. I briefly considered getting one but ended up with the Grooves instead. New pants are a big splurge for me but I couldn't resist the puckered quilted waistband and the nuetral colors used.

Photos of the Latest

This looks super cute together - the Citron CRB and the Tinted Canvas print Groove.

I thought the Blurred Gray In Stride jacket was on the dull side but putting a Citron CRB underneath to pop the print really makes the outfit.

Static Coal Still shorts - my summer favorite - and an Iris Scuba. If you find the length of the Still shorts too matronly, have them hemmed. I've seen women having that done at my local stores.

Iris Wee Stripe Lively Tee and the Blurred Gray Mudra Wrap. The gray really plays up the Iris of the tee.