Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip

I bought myself the Sprinkler Blue Scoop Neck tank. For some reason, this tank really appeals to me. I might wait to cut the tags off in case I want to trade it in for the Sprinkler/Ikat Push UR Limits but we'll see. I really like this tank. Sprinkler is a bit lighter than Wish Blue:

On the bottom is a Wish Blue Heart Tank and on the top is the Sprinkler Blue Scoop Neck. I think this photo makes the Sprinkler look a little lighter than it actually is but there is a real difference between the two colors. I held up the New Blue Dance Headband to the Sprinkler Scoop Neck and New Blue and Sprinkler are very close in color.

I saw Flush/Flesh and it is very orange. I held it up next to Passion and Passion is a redder orange whereas Flush is a true orange but not neon. I think it's a fun color.

I saw this waistband and the colors in the waistband are: Sprinkler, Flush, Aruba, Purple Crush, (not sure but not Oasis) and that new Snow Cone or LILS (lilac snow) - the pale lavender. I saw a bunch of Oasis headbands so I think that color might be coming back.

I got a product alert from the Newport Store that says they had the Get Fit short in but I didn't see it. The store is being remodeled so it kind of threw me off where I normally check for new stuff. I am bummed I didn't try those on.

I wanted to try on the new Coal Strata Stripe Speed Up tank but they didn't have it in my size. I tried the Aruba version on and it fits like I remember the Light Up tank fitting - very tight in the chest. If you are not busty, it won't be a problem but to me, the chest fit at least one size down (the band of the built in bra was TTS but the tank itself was small in the bust) and the tummy area fit true to size or loose.

I also saw the new Pure Balance Pant and Crop but didn't bother trying them on. I think you need very slender legs to pull those off and that doesn't describe me. The waistband did seem rather thick so I can see why some people are saying it gives them a muffin top. I also saw the new Raw Blue Still pants and was able to compare to a pair of Deep Navy. The Raw Blue are much blacker than Deep Navy. It's really hard to tell they are blue at all.

I saw Margarita headbands in the store. Margarita is very bright and I am wondering if an entire tank in this color will wash me out. However, I wouldn't mind an All Sport bra in this color to add a pop of color under a black tank.

The Outward Bound jacket was marked down to $138 at the Newport store.


Anonymous said...

Luluaddict about sprinkler color i must agree with you very close to wish blue color only little less darker...but if pp like me bought a lots of wish blue before ..i will give a pass.

Anonymous said...

Sprinkler is brighter than wish blue but it is very similar to wish blue.

LuluAddict Did you happen to see the Cabin LS in your store? They are MIA in my stores.

RunMama said...

My store had nothing new and lots of space, so hopefully lots of boxes are coming in. My store had Rejuvenate jackets for 79 (not moving at all), Lift Your Spirits for 89, and Outward Bound jackets for 149. Also the MUPS Hustle jackets were $129. Alpine Tights were 69, but limited sizes/colors.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:59 pm - I saw the Cabin Long sleeves last week in the store but didn't notice them this week. I think I've only seen the Rubber Ducky version in the stores.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info on flush it is oranger than passion? what about compared to persimmon? And you said it's not too neon, i know before you heard that it was like electric orange??

Anonymous said...

OT, but does anyone know if the Repetition Tanks were ever available through GEC on the US side? I called them last night and they said they were out and when pressed for details, they said they think they might be available online or through GEC eventually...hmmm...if anyone knows if this tank was/will be available to purchase anywhere other than through the stores, I'd love to know! Thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

luluaddict-thanks for al the info! hopefully the cabin ls in aruba show up online tomorrow...i've been waiting!

Anonymous said...

hello! just wondering if you are taking the same size of scoop neck tank as your CRB? what about push ur limits tank?

I am in Bermuda and I only get to order online, I am a size 8 in CRBs and a 10 in Power Y tank (coz of the built in bra)

Hope you can help me with the sizing coz I really want to try the scoop neck tank and push ur limits.


AZ Lulu Fan said...

I agree that the Speed Up tank is made for smaller chests. I'm a B-cup and it fit perfectly with bra inserts. Unfortunately, even though it's super cute, especially the back design elements, I didn't end up taking it home because it was too long on me. Best suited for 5' 4" or taller.

Anonymous said...

Arvee: i wear an 8 in Push Ur Limits and in the Scoop Neck, but i wear a 6 in CRBs, if that helps.

i agree, Speed Up is cute but not on people with larger chests. The 8 fit me body wise, but was strangely flattening and tight on my chest. Even a 10 was flattening and strange, but too big body wise.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:22 pm - I think most people size down in the CRB compared to the tanks with the built in bras so I would go with your Power Y size for the Scoop Neck and Push UR Limits.

The thing that kills me about the Speed Up tank is that it's $68. I think it's way overpriced for what it is.

Anonymous said...

@Arvee : It really depends on the proportions of your body. I am a 34B, waist 27". I wear a 6 in the Scoop Neck, Push Ur Limits and CRB.

Anonymous said...

I just got a product notification from Bellevue saying that they had scubas in heathered peach. Anyone else hear about this color? Maybe just a mistake???

LuluAddict said...

@ Arvee - Hmm. It's tough when you get conflicting advice on sizing. Try posting a message on Facebook to get more opinions.

I take a 12 in all four tanks (and I match up with their size chart and am 36/38DD). If you like your built in bra to be on the snug side to hold the girls in and the size 10 Power Y works for you then I think the 10 in the other tanks would work for you. I've read a lot of people do size up in the Power Y compared to the other tanks with built in bras but the Push UR Limits and Scoop Neck are two of the snugger-/form- fitting tanks so I do think using your Power Y size would be fine.

I just went upstairs and laid a Power Y, Push UR Limits, and Scoop Neck on top of each other. The Power Y and Push UR Limits were the same width all the way down. The Scoop Neck nips in a bit more at the waist than the other two. HTH.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the responses ladies.

i think i'd go with my Power Y size.

thanks again,

Anonymous said...

luluaddict- do you think that lululemon will continue with the" recycled bright colors" until Fall?
I have a feeling that we will see the same colors for spring and summer but I would really like to know your opinion about it. It seems like we are buying the same stuff again and again just a "shade lighter" ( like my husband mentioned the other day...)
I already have bold blue wish blue new blue ect......
Should I give up hoping for new colors and really flattering jackets ( or at least a scuba light...)?
I'm sorry if I'm off topic here....the blue comparison brought me into it... thank you!

Becky C said...

On the sizing comment for the above user who asked assistance:
I wear an 8 in scoop and push ur limits and can either wear a 6 or 8 CRB. I usually buy an 8 in that because I prefer to have a bit looser fit but a 6 works as well. If you are larger chested I wouldn't size down in the CRB, I think it is pretty TTS in the chest which a bit roomier stomach. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

How did the Flu/esh compare to Alarming?

Kate said...

I'm so disappointed, tried on the Hot Class Tank in anticipation for the Sprinkler Hot Class Tank upload and found it to be very unforgiving in the mid section. I go between a 8 and a 10 in tops and the thinner material just clings in all the wrong places :(

Is it me or do the stores look very sparse lately? Went to two different stores this week and they were practically empty. Very few or no CRBs to be found, all they had was white. However, I did see the Sprinkler Cabin LS today; found Sprinkler to be very close to my old Bold Blue CRB. Tried on the new Sprinkler/Ikat Astro crops and found them to be ITCHY! (BOOOO!! Bring back the old fashioned Luon!) There was really nothing of interest. Looks like I'll be saving money this week which is good.

LuluAddict said...

@ Anon 5:44 pm - I don't know about the recycled colors for the summer but I wouldn't bet against it. I swear I read on the Lulumum blog there was a rumor that maybe a Scuba Lux - lighter, stretchier version of the Scuba might be coming.

@ Kate - I think the stores are bare of cute tanks. I'm hoping a bunch will be coming for spring/summer. I'm kind of bored of getting the same things again and again.

If the Silver Hot Class tank happens to get restocked tomorrow, try that one. I think the circle mesh bottom drapes better than sheer luon.

Do you like the No Limit? There is a solid Flush version coming later this month.

LuluAddict said...

@ Anon 6:41 pm - Check out a post on January 11. There is a photo of Passion, Flush, and Alarming. Alarming is much darker than Flush and Passion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Becky!


Kate said...

@LA I totally agree, the current offerings are boring to me. Nothing new or special enough for me to bring them home. I want totally different colours, I know it can be hard. How many blue tanks can you really make? BUT as a long time Lulu customer (6 years, SCARY to think about how much I've spent there.) I have many tanks that look very similar in colour, just a shade lighter or darker.

I thought about getting the Silver Hot Class tank but I think I'll pass. I do like the No Limit but I don't think I can wear Flush. If it's too orange it may not look good against my skin tone. I'll have to try it on. I was talking to an educator at the store yesterday and she said she saw more solid black NL's on their lineup for next week. I might go pick one of those up. But honestly, I'm kind of bored and turned off. Maybe this will be a good break. I have given up waiting for something to wow me each week.