Monday, February 7, 2011

Sprinkler Blue Ikat - Headbands & Waistbands of Pants

Sprinkler Blue Ikat Print in the Untwisted Headband

Dance Headband in Sprinkler Blue and Ikat Print (shown with Spinkler Power Y and Pure Balance Pant)

The latest waistbands in all the bottoms

I thought I was done with the Ikat print after I bought the Ikat Define and Ikat CRB with matching Ikat Slipless headband. But that was the Concord Grape Ikat. Now Lulu brings out the Sprinkler Ikat. Grrr. However, the Sprinkler Ikat print is getting me psyched to try the Push UR Limits in Sprinkler Blue with Ikat print straps.

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