Monday, February 7, 2011

NEW! Sprinkler Blue In Stride Jacket and Astro Crops with the Blue Ikat Print

Sprinkler Blue In Stride Jacket. I'm not sure what crops she is wearing with the jacket. I think it may either be the new Get Fit Shorts or Astro Crops.

New Astro Crops shown with the Sprinkler Blue Ikat Print. The tank on top is the Concord Grape Ikat Print.

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Glow said...

Astro Crops? Finally, I haven't seen those around in a while, and I always preferred them to the Grooves (no ill-placed back seam and a welcome shorter length). I also have been wanting some ikat, so this could be my fix! Wow, and just when I thought I might be saving my money this month. :p