Monday, February 14, 2011

NEW! Run: Pacesetter Long Sleeve in Running Luon & New Run: Pacesetter Crops

These photos kind of blow when it come to telling what this top really looks like. I can't tell if she has a top layered underneath or there is a band of light gray at the bottom. It looks like it has a scoop neck. From the little we can see, I think I like it a lot. As soon as I find more photos I will post them. It looks pretty snug on her, particularly through the arms, so I wonder if this top runs small. I always assume the educators reach for their normal tank size and then the resulting fit tells us whether we need to size up or down.

 The girl in the top photo is also wearing new Run: Pacesetter crops. We can't tell too much about how those look either. It has a pocket and mesh panels behind the knee.

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