Monday, February 7, 2011

NEW! Pure Balance Crop and Pants

This was identified as the Pure Balance Crop

Pure Balance Crop

Photos of the New Balance Crop and Pant we've been hearing about. One reader tried these on and said the narrow waistband in the pant gave her bad muffin top. They look like they are made of luon. Shown in the Flesh (Flush?) color. I'm not sure why the waistbands are so different between the pant and the crop. I'll post more photos when they appear.

 I forgot this photo of the Wren Denim Pure Balance Pant. As a reader noted before, the Pure Balance Pant looks a lot like the Energize Pant. The PB pant and crop look very different in the waistband and at the bottom. I will definitely try to find more photos of each to highlight the differences.

I like the Wren color a lot. I hope we will see this (not in denim, though) at least in Still pants, crops, and shorts. I'd love a tank in this color, too.


Anonymous said...

I saw these at Pacific Place and although it says medium rise, they look pretty low to me. And tight. I didn't check the tag, but they definitely felt like luon. I can't see all the pictures you posted on my phone, so in case you didn't show it, the waistband of the sprinkler ones reverses to ikat with sprinkler where the concord grape has been.

Anonymous said...

LuluAddict, your source was ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE about those new Pure Balance Pants AND crops giving muffin top. The band on the crop only appears wider, but in actuality, the upper, skinnier part (colored) is tighter and gives you muffin top just like the pants. I am super slim and they managed to make me hang over! AWFUL. BEWARE LADIES.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:31 pm - Did you try the next size up to make the muffin top go away? Or does it get too baggy in the crotch if you do that? Is the waistband too tight or just too narrow?