Monday, February 28, 2011

Iris Wee Stripe Wunder Unders

I forgot to post a photo of the new Iris Wee Stripe Wunder Unders:

Iris Wee Stripe Wunder Unders

Close Up of Iris Wee Stripe in the Power Y
I wonder if there will be a solid Wren Power Y and Wunder Unders.


Kate said...

I really like the Iris Wee Stripe, I will have to check it out if a CRB out.

OT: Just checked the Loot section (Canadian side) They have a bunch of Run: Ambition Tights and crops listed.

Unknown said...

I like the stripe wunder unders. :)

Anonymous said...

One of the nicer colors of the wunder unders. Not so out there.

Anonymous said...

they had the ambition pants/crops up on US loot too but they were gone in a flash.

not a fan of iris micro in WUs but the tops are cute.

Anonymous said...

Am I just being to picky or does the stitching on that Power Y look sort of obvious and messy? Like the colour though..

Emily Potato said...

I like the wunder unders in pictures and from a distance, but I tried them on in my Boston store, and they remind me a bit to much of little kid pajamas.