Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hints of Colors to Come

These photos are from a product notice from a California showroom. It's 2" headband in New Blue. I can't tell much difference between New Blue and Sprinkler.

Also from the same product notice, a Dance headband in New Blue and Haze.

Maybe this CRB is actually New Blue and not Sprinkler.

I cannot tell the difference between New Blue and Sprinkler. 

Hmmmm...I just looked through my product photo files and the only New Blue items were men's items. I am wondering if the store mislabeled the headbands and they really are Sprinkler Blue. I wouldn't be surprised.

Men's shorts in New Blue

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Neph said...

Hmm...not very excited over this color. I feel like New Blue, Wish, Bold Blue, and Sprinkler are all just a few shades apart. I wish Lululemon would come up with some truly brand new colors.