Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heads Up From Abroad

It looks like Violaceous will be here sooner than we thought. The color code in the html for these Inspires is coalCLSSvilc which is Coal / Coal Strata Stripe / Violaceous. If they are pairing Violaceous with coal strata stripe that means it will be here fairly soon.

The same product alert had a Scoop Neck tank in Iris and Wren (no photo, though) so I assume we'll be seeing Wren in luon, too. Yay!


lulupetite said...

Love that color Violaceous! Hope it comes in a CRB!!

Anonymous said...

violaceious is an awwwwwful lot like very violet.

Anonymous said...

I want these crops and a violaceous SS or LS Swiftly!