Friday, February 18, 2011

Flush No Limit Fit Report and Color Comparison

I got my Flush No Limit today. I know I read some comments that people thought this one ran as large as the Aruba but it wasn't true of the tank I got. The bra did feel as relaxed/stretchy as the Aruba version but the outer circle mesh tunic was not nearly as roomy, which is the part that counts in this tank. I laid the Flush version on top on my Aruba one and the Aruba was at least a good inch to inch and a half wider at the hip and nearly as wide at the armpit and all the way down. Needless to say this will be going back but I have a line on a size twelve that a friend got at a strategic partner store that she didn't want. I cannot fathom the logic as to why strategic partner stores are getting these tanks in size twelves and the on-line store, with a much wider customer base, is not.

I put together a bunch of my orangey colors as a comparison. I think Flush is closest to Persimmon but Persimmon is a little more muted. This was taken on a rainy afternoon so the light is not the best but the comparison might help a little.

1) Persimmon (Deep V)
2) Terracotta (Repose)
3) Flush (No Limit)
4) Passion (Define)
5) Torrid (Free Ya)


Jocelyn said...

I ended up getting a Flush NLT in 12 at my strategic sales store because they didn't have a 10. I have 3 others in 10, and really I'm a 12 in lulu bras so I was surprised they fit the girls in there at all, but I can't see myself going to the gym in any of them as I feel like the ladies would get far too much attention. The 12 definitely gives a bit more coverage, but I like the fit around my ribs better from the size 10 NLT. Weird.

Would you say the Flow Y bras fit exactly the same as in the NLT? I've honestly never tried one on since I figured it would be useless to me, but it might be nice to double layer under the one in the tank at some point.. Thanks!

LuluAddict said...

I've layered using both a Flow Y and a 50 Rep under the No Limit tank. (I have a post with photos as to how much a 50 Rep shows - not much)I've seen other people layer a Flow Y under it in spin class. I think the Flow Ys fit similar in the tank and as a bra. However, I have found that some colors feel stretchier than others, which seems to go for everything Lululemon makes.

Jocelyn said...

Ahh ok yes, I think I've seen those comparisons - thanks for doing that! I have a black 50 rep, which I tried under the Flush NLT just because, and quite obviously it looked kind of ridiculous. I was thinking a white Flow Y might be somewhat complimentary to all the colors of NLTs I have. Perhaps I'll give it a shot! Thanks LA :)

Becky said...

Makes me annoyed that I can't get a size 12 in this tank. Why are they not available online?? :(

LuluAddict said...

I think the 50 Rep has to match the NL to have it look at all decent. It's not so critical with the Flow Y. I have a black 50 Rep that I wear under my black No Limit so you really can't tell what is going on. There is a Flush 50 Rep out now.

Kerris said...

I tried on the flush no limit today in a 10 and I also didn't find it as roomy as the Aruba. I can fit the Aruba. I also tried on the sprinkler ikat and the pattern stretched out at the sides just like the last one.

LuluAddict said...

@ Becky - I have no idea - it's extremely annoying. If you have any strategic partners near you, they have the 12s. I've also heard that some strategic partners will ship but you'll have to work the phones to find one.

Lulaholic said...

Yes, after purchasing the No limit in the purple crush/coal combination I tried it on with my 50 rep bra in the grey space dye and it looked ridiculous. The colours have to be the same. I am considering selling my no limit now, as it is too late to return it. I like the one with the coal strata bra way more, I may go try it on with my 50 rep. I fear that if I don't keep a No Limit tank I will regret it.... but I'm so unsure of it.